Ew: Creepy NYC Rat Feast Turns Heads (and Stomachs)

When we think of a feast, we usually hope that rodents are nowhere in site, especially not on the table. Artist Laura Ginn disagrees. This past Wednesday at Allegra LaViola Gallery, Ginn brought New Yorkers together to display a hunter-gatherer themed presentation that concluded with eating cooked rats.

The event, titled “Tomorrow We Will Feast Again On What We Catch” was priced at $100 per person. To raise funds for the occasion, Ginn created a Kickstarter page on which she shockingly, but successfully raised the $2,000 she had requested.

#LoveRiot: A Classic "Had To Be There" NYC Moment

Check out these musicians on Stanton and Ludlow playing until the cops broke it up a little while ago yfrog.us/nqsm5z (via: @TheKingEG)

— New York Nightlife (@NYNightlife) March 29, 2012

The Naked Apple: Double Fun at the Double Seven

Last Thursday I went to my favorite new spot in town, Double Seven. In wake of a dramatic fight a few weeks ago that left the grandson of Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco, Pierre Casiraghi, beaten and bruised, it was a pretty chill night at the hotspot located in meatpacking. Yes, the NY Post and many other news outlets have covered the fight in depth, but I can't get enough of this juicy story.

I find it absolutely hilarious that Starvos Niarchos (ex of Paris Hilton) was punched in the face during this scuffle. I've had the displeasure of seeing him many times in LA and NYC and will say he's seriously a giant turd. For those of you who remember the original Double 7 that closed it doors a few years ago, I highly recommend you return to the new version --you will not be disappointed. It is definitely where you can find the most beautiful people in the city. In fact, it's so cool, Mick Jagger is a regular guest.

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The Naked Apple: Knicks Breakout Star Jeremy Lin

I went to the Knicks game last Tuesday against the Pistons (which they won 113-86). Now while the Knicks are having a slow start….. to put it nicely….I couldn't help but notice one new player on the team. The point guard, 23 year old Jeremy Lin #17. There are very few professional athletes of Asian descent outside of baseball, so it's really great to see some of my people out there outshining even the likes of Carmelo Anthony. Lin was born in California to Taiwanese parents and went to Harvard.

The Naked Apple: Superbowl at Ainsworth

Yay for the NY Giants!!!!! This is going to be an insane week with tons of celebrations. The Giants players will be hosting parties all week long. Tonight after the parade, Victor Cruz has a party at Kiss and Fly, while some of the other players like Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs will be hosting a big party at SL. That is the party I will definitely be at. A few Sundays ago when they won they literally landed back in NYC and went directly to SL (SL is without a doubt the best place to go to on Sunday nights). If you decided against going to the Superbowl in Indy, the second best place to be would have been Ainsworth! And that's where I was all day and night with my girlfriends, and Miss New York contestant, Brittany Marsh.

The Naked Apple: Food Bloggers Dinner at Ristorante Aglio

With so many restaurants opening everyday in NYC, I've decided to regularly share the ones I venture to and can recommend to you, my fellow New Yorkers. Last Monday I went to this great food bloggers event at a new Italian restaurant, Ristorante Aglio in Tribeca. Some great people from Foodspotting NYC were there, amongst many other food blogs and websites. Although I'm technically not a food blogger, I am a blogger with an obsession with food and a hungry tapeworm. People who know me can vouch I eat more than a football linebacker. Before I finish with one meal, I'm already thinking about my next. I've eaten at some of the best restaurants in the world so you can trust my taste buds.

The Naked Apple: Screening of 'This Means War'

´╗┐Last night I went to the screening of the new movie This Means War, starring Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon and Thomas Hardy. It's a cute romantic comedy/action movie. Without giving away too much, is pretty much about two hot federal agents who meet and fight over courting the same girl. I think she made the wrong choice in the end, but I guess you will have to find out for yourself when the movie comes out nationwide on Valentine's day. The movie was cute, but I will not be watching it ever again. I seriously think there is something wrong with Reese Witherspoon's face (esp around the mouth region) so I found it hard to really believe that these two smoking hot guys in the movie were fighting over her. I would have liked to have seen someone else in the role, maybe someone more like Blake Lively. Chelsea Handler was hilarious in the movie, after watching this movie and a few episodes of her new TV show Are You There, Chelsea? I really love her as a actor, and can't wait to see the other projects she's going to be featured in.

The Naked Apple: Paradise in Boracay

So, I've been MIA for the past few weeks, and I'm sure you all missed me. As I mentioned in my last post, I was on vacation in Asia for the past few weeks. I went to a small tropical island off the coast of the Philippines called Boracay. Getting there is def a journey because there are no direct flights, it was a 2 day journey for me. I flew from JFK to Hong Kong, then flew to Manila; spent a night in Manila (there is nothing to report about Manila, it's a poor, dirty city that's pride and joy is Manny Pacquiao and the Mall of Asia, which has the only IMAX in the country so that kind of gives you an idea of what kind of place it is. Def not a place to spend more than a night or two in). Then I flew into Caticlan, and took a small boat to the island of Boracay. Of course it was down pouring when I got there and, in fact, my flight from the day before was canceled due to the tropical storm. My first day wasn't very nice weather wise, but I wasn't going to let it ruin my day.

The Naked Apple: Dumpling Waddle

This past Saturday I went on a dumpling waddle. This was a foodspotting.com event. Now for those of you who don't know what foodspotting is, I'll give you the gist. It's a website and phone app, where people take pictures of food from different restaurants and you rate it. This is great, because you can discover so many new restaurants you wouldn't normally have found and your peers give their rating and you can see a photo of the food! It's a really great app and brings together foodies from all over the country. There was about 25 of us and we went on a 2 mile waddle through lower Manhattan to 10 different restaurants on a dumpling hunt. I love dumplings so there was no way I was missing this event. I stayed in the night before in preparation. Of the 10 places we went to, my favorite were the dumplings from Excellent Dumpling, Joe's Shanghai, Prosperity Dumpling and Golden Unicorn. You can get 5 dumplings for a buck at Prosperity and they are delicious! This was such a fun and yummy event, the pictures speak for themselves!

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Big Kid, Big City - Quidditch World Cup 2011

As the wise Zen philosophy states, "Change the things that can be changed, accept those that cannot, and have the wisdom to know the difference." A concept based on letting go of life's pressures and focusing on the aspects that really matter, the simple beauty of life itself. Applied to any situation, this way of thinking can change your perspective, and what better perspective to adopt than that of a child. For in this mind frame, life becomes play, not work. So lets play, if only for one day of your week.