Painting the Night Blue with Haiti Cultural Exchange

If you may recall from our post, Art, Culture and Fun: The Haitian Way, the end of June would witness a party unlike any the isle of Manhattan has experienced. Last week we gathered with other supporters and fans of the organization, Haiti Cultural Exchange, at the Gild Hall of the Thompson Hotel to celebrate the organization and its fabulous team. The night was themed "Indigo Blue" and guests donned their best blue duds to drink, eat, and dance the night away.

No Admittance: 5 Tips to Getting Past the Velvet Rope

Exclusivity is part of life. One need only harken back to the clique-ish social webs of their youth to recall the fickle nature of social interaction. Gaining admittance is a rite of passage of sorts—a bildungsroman of the social strata—that requires one to leave their humble beginnings in hopes of grander pastures.

Cracking into the mercurial night scene is no different. As is the wont of life, the most enticing offers always lie behind gilded, heavily muscled doors. The velvet rope acts as a line demarcating the fashionable from the socially inept—the “in crowd” from the spectators. Are we all doomed to repeat the tortures of adolescence, like some cosmic form of social purgatory? The answer is “No”—there is hope!

Hotel Gansevoort

Head over to the brick laden roads of the Meatpacking district to seek out the Gansevoort Hotel. When you arrive, be sure to either step out of a Ferrari or have a bouquet of gorgeous ladies at your side.

For a couple of kids from Queens, this place is the epitome of 'making it'. From the grand wait on line, to the mind blowing entrance (conveniently located in the hotel lobby). It's hard not to be wowed by all the gorgeous women decorating the foyer- and when you enter in the elevator, an obvious regular will chuckle and tell you, 'Wait til you get upstairs...' And was he right!

AMNH Morning After
'Beautiful People' -Chris Brown f/ Benny Benassi

Alright, so those dino celestial cocktails were much better than advertised. And sleeping alongside the newborn elephant statues in the Africa room was definitely not on the agenda.

Life, and New York City continue to baffle and surprise us all. Especially those who were lucky enough go to this exclusive party last week. Nontheless the party was more than what anyone could expect. From the moment you approched the Rose Center, there was a faint breathe of Autumn in the air as we stepped out of the town car on Central Park West, which was, in a word, refreshing. When we got into the glass enclosed wing, I couldn't help but look in amazement. That combined with the cocktails, the easy, cool tunes I'd never heard of, and the beautiful people everywhere;I knew I was in for a sure fire good time.

Sexiest Fall Lounges 2011
'Party' -Beyonce f/ Andre 3000 Remember that scene from 'Goodfellas', when Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), escorted Karen (Lorraine Bracco) past the line at the Copacabana, through the kitchen, somehow navigating his way to the main floor of the club. Then getting a fresh table setup for him right in front of the stage. Fellas, this doesn't mean you go through kitchens now...There are many other ways to impress that special someone. Autumn is the perfect time to express yourself to someone. It's a time of year someone falls for another, whether literally or figuratively.
Fashion Let's Down Her Updo

Fellas made sure their pocket squares were looking crisp while Gals overdid their makeup in celebration of, you guessed it, Fashion's Night Out.

Instead of night clubs, elite fashion houses were the highlight of the city last Thursday, September 8th. Salvatore Ferragamo was the spot to be on 5th Avenue this year, while posting a 'Private party' sign outside. All the normal people were lined outside, trying to get a peek of what was happening beyond those walls, as we tippy-toed past security.

Inside, champagne and house pomegranate cocktails were flying. Accompanied by tuna tartare hors d'oeuvres about the size of a cigarette.There were also many other interesting different finger foods, one of which even included foie gras in a flaky pastry. The best bite of the night had to be the red velvet balls. They were so delicious, you probably could've found yourself fighting for the last one with Sports Illustrated super model Jessica Hart...

Viva la Carnival
'Summer time', Vybz Kartel

In a neighborhood where warehouses and car repair shops dominate, new venue, Viva, has emerged
to bring the parties of Carnival to you. Pulling up, there is a valet ready to park your car and a door man ready to open the velvet rope for you and your entourage.

When you walk in, the space is-in a word my fellow New Yorkers- ENORMOUS! Several VIP booths have been scooped out along the walls and adequate tables and couch space around the building's support beams. Since it is Carnival weekend you know that the dj will play the hottest & most recently released reggae, soca, and dancehall tunes.

Jill Scott’s Rocking Block Party
New Release Single "So In Love"

After touring in places like Los Angeles and Atlanta, celebrated R&B singer Jill Scott brings her amazing croon down to Dallas for a block party that is bound to have you swaying.

Saturday, August 27th, Scott is performing outside at the Gexa Energy Pavilion with Mint Condition and Anthony Hamilton. Jill Scott will be singing from both her new album and her classics. You’ll hear a range of songs from “Is It The Way” to “So In Love.” R&B lovers of Dallas cannot miss the chance to dance to Jill Scott’s multi-platinum winning classics, and the rumors are that her new album, The Light of the Sun, is just as incredible.

A Dream Team Grand Opening

Redefining luxury travel takes work. So suffice to say international hotelier, Vikram Chatwal is a busy man. Not too busy to privately fly tabloid impresario, Lindsey Lohan, to his modernistic midtown palace this past April however. After staking claim to Hollywood hotties like Gisele and Kate Moss in the past, Chatwal has reportedly been using the "Do Not Disturb" sign with LiLo these days--if you know what we mean.

Well, if it's Lindsey's any indication, Chatwal knows hot. The American hotelier, has just put the finishing touches on his second New York City project, DREAM Downtown, the latest in his internationally acclaimed, five-star boutique hotel group, which spans five global cities. The Dream bundle, which serves transient, posh populations of Cochin, India, Bangkok, Thailand, South Beach, Midtown, and as of this evening, Downtown Manhattan, has become synonymous surreal luxury--a state-of-art imaginative and entirely unique experience.