The Week in Revelry: Party Roundup

Warm weather breeds aspirations of greatness, especially when it remains throughout the week. When the climate decides to play nice, permit some friendly rays, and bathe the world in luscious warmth, the desire to seize such beauty is paramount. In lieu of the typical weekend decrescendo back towards the “work-week anticlimax," one must salvage opportunity by forcibly seizing the flighty reigns of adventure!

Like an oyster, the pearl of this city is ripe for the taking when the balmy sets in. Therefore, take a gander at the weekly party roundup, and keep the festivities raging throughout the week!

The Weekly Ambrosia: Party Edition

Sometimes the weekend has its way with you. Crusading about in the guise of an infinite booze-fueled horizon—only to pull the ole “bait & switch”—and hit you with the anvil-sized dose of mundane reality: the arrival of Monday.

Back in the throes of the miasmic work-week revivification is key— via a renewal of nocturnal explorations into the very soul of revelry! A steady diet of nightly escapades lessens the sting of proletarian mundanity, while simultaneously sustaining one’s Dionysian impulses. Forego the slow degradation of ennui by sampling generously of this week’s party ambrosia!

The Weekly Party Watch

Frenetically we race against clocks: clocks demarcating time, deadlines, and necessary markers in our existence. Nothing reaffirms this more than the construct of the “work week." Battling the exasperation, disillusion, and general listlessness inherited by the “Americana Proletarian Dream”—one must salvage sanity when they can. One must make a concentrated effort to forcibly infuse joviality into the miasma of the week. Every day the options are ripe with enticing avenues for exploration and cultural growth—one need merely seize desire and reroute the inevitable doldrums towards more sunny horizons.

Village Pourhouse Opens New Location In Midtown

The new location of The Village Pourhouse will open next Wednesday on 46th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues in Midtown. On Friday August 27, join the staff for a complimentary open bar from 6pm-7pm with RSVP.

The Burger Supremacy

Burger Bash Cooking Party
When: Thursday, April 15th, 2010 at 7pm
Where: The Village Pourhouse
64 3rd Avenue (Btw. E.10th & E.11th Sts)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 979-2337
Cost: $25 (include complimentary Bud Light)

Although striving for perfection is admirable, it is unrealistic. As farfetched as perfection may be, those who search for it in a burger, may rest easy tonight. This Thursday, The Village Pourhouse will host the Burger Bash Cooking Party, where the phrase "perfect burger" is not only a goal, but a guarantee.

Do You Want Sprinkles With That?

"Dude, I just got served gelato by Mike "The Situation."

If you were wondering what job the cast of Jersey Shore picked up for the second season of their show, wonder no more.

They are working at a gelato shop. Doogie was so star struck that he forgot to mention where this photo was taken, but feel free to hit every gelato shop in Miami looking for the gang.

Update: The store is called Lecca Lecca Gelato Cafe.

[Photo via Doogie]

Go Single, Drink Doubles

For some, Valentine’s Day is a time to indulge in the majesty that is love. That majesty usually happens to resemble flowers, candy, a check book and lace, but that is beside the point. For others, it’s a time to cringe at that couple necking in Star Bucks (way to ruin my caramel macchiato…jerks) and indulge in the splendor of drunken, single induced evening shenanigans. If you fall into the latter category, I offer a few of my top picks to throw a few alcohol soaked stones at Cupid. Hey, why suffer through the pain of a recent breakup when you can drink your way through it?