Weekend Pick: Transmission Thursdays at Hotel Chantelle


Looking for a totally booze-tiful (we tried) way to spend your Thursday night? We have just the thing! NYC nightlife and events blog Subscene Style has joined party forces with the music blog AudioFemme to bring you weekly Transmission Thursday parties!

Between live performances by psychedelic electro-rock band Fascinator and deceivingly dark popstar Seasick Mama (not to mention a live DJ), the event features enough music for even the most insatiable live-show addict. But that’s not all: the whole night is being held at Hotel Chantelle, a notorious nightlife hotspot, and includes a free rum tasting courtesy of Owney’s NYC Rum, plus free “boozy” cupcakes brought to you by Prohibition Bakery (famous for, you guessed it: sweet treats with an alcoholic twist).And don’t forget the special late night cocktail happy hour after the rum tasting!

Kaskade returns to LAVO NYC Thursday, 9/13

After emabarking on his jam packed Freaks Of Nature Tour this summer, Kaskade is coming back to the Big Apple to bring out the "freak" in everyone at the lavish, midtown nightclub, Lavo.

The Chicago native is a house hold name and has been producing for more than a decade. He has hit the decks of Vegas superclubs, major festivals and is no stranger to LAVO NYC. He got behind the booth last year for co-owner Noah Tepperberg's birthday and is sure to attract a solid crowd to the club this Thursday.

His signature tunes produce flowy melodies infused with pleasant female vocals seen in "Eyes" and "Angel On My Shoulder." Kaskade and Lavo couldn't be a more perfect combination for it's consistent star studded talent appreciated by the music lover in every New Yorker.

The Weeknd Brings The Mystery to NYC

While the hype regarding The Weeknd’s identity of Canadian recording artist and producer, Abel Tesfaye, has subsided, there is still a mysterious air around this musician and his ethereal sound.

The initially unknown alternative R&B project leaked a free, nine-song album “House of Balloons” in March 2011. The album was the first in a three-part trilogy which also includes “Thursday,” released August 2011, and “Echoes of Silence,” released winter this past December. Under the label XO (which can mean kisses and hugs, or Ecstasy and Oxycontin, depending on your interpretation), “House of Balloons” was nominated for the 2011 Canadian Polaris Music Prize and won the 2012 Sirius XM Indie Awards for Urban artist of the year as well as the Stereogum Award for Top 10 New Acts of 2011.

Thrice and Thursday, Two of Underground Rock's Biggest Names, Call It Quits

It's been a sad week for anyone who spent the early 2000s as a wide-eyed showgoing teen in the basements, clubs, and eventually stadiums of the world. California's Thrice announced their hiatus two days ago, while New Jersey's Thursday posted a message to fans yesterday that they were calling it quits.

It's both ironic and fitting that these two seminal bands revealed their gradual departure from the music world only a day apart. The two post-hardcore heavyweights have both been active for 13 years and have a long history of friendship. They're two among a handful of bands who, despite being lumped into the "punk" and "screamo" categories early in their careers, continued to make creative and challenging records that shattered any genre expectations. They're true artists in a world where most are content to be entertainers, which has left both bands with a legion of loyal listeners.

The Weeknd: 'Thursday' Mixtape Review

Abel Tesfaye, famously known as The Weeknd, has been sending out unique R&B vibes and luring the attention of hopeless romantics and troubled, twisted souls ever since the release of his first mixtape, The House of Balloons. There’s a mystery and intrigue that surrounds his seductive croons and the same bizarre ballads of love, lust, and drugs found on House of Balloons parallel The Weeknd’s highly anticipated Thursday album.

Thursday fully satiates your darker, racy side, inviting you to indulge is your wildest and most twisted fantasies. You can’t help but become hypnotized by The Weeknd’s downright sexy sonic flow and raw lyrics. Track 4, “The Zone,” says it all: “So let me sip this slow/I’ll give you what you called for/Just let me get in my zone/I’ll be making love to her through you/So let me keep my eyes closed.”

Harlem Gets Some House

This Thursday, June 30th, venture to Alto Casa, a new deep house party at the The Hudson River Cafe. With an indoor dance floor and an outdoor patio, you can groove to the sounds of Filsonik (Objeckivity), Rubi Ri-Tres, Derek Sampson, and Dan Scala in a gorgeous venue that gazes onto the Hudson River. Plush couches line the walls of the outside lounge, where two main bars will mix up mojitos, margaritas and a slew of signature cocktails classy enough for you to feel like you’re in SoHo --they even have Hendricks!

Inside, pristine white walls tailor the upscale effect; a floating staircase (watch your step!) leads to a mezzanine level where you can overlook the magic happening on the dance floor. Latin Soul cuisine will be available until 11:30 pm, and hookah will be available throughout the entire night.

Listen to the Weeknd's Latest Track: 'The Birds (Part 1)'

The Weeknd released a new song entitled 'The Birds (Part 1)' last night off his forthcoming project, Thursday. The mixtape is scheduled to drop this summer. Get your ears wet with this silky smooth, percussion-heavy track. Sounds a bit much like a mix of Anthony Hamilton and The Dream, but it still has the Weeknd’s swag written all over it.

Underoath + Thursday On Tour

Fans who have stuck with Underoath over the past decade, should be commended. There is nobody left from the original that formed Underoath back in 1997. The band has been through countless changes, additions, subtractions, and personal dilemmas. They have been revamped and reorganized enough times, for the music to actually shift and transform. Try listening to their first album, Act of Depression, and their most recent, Ø (Disambiguation), and decide for yourself.

The one constant that has remained for the band, is touring and performing. Whether playing at small venues, or major tours, Underoath is one of the most intense bands to see live. They put their bodies on the line, literally, when they perform. They climb equipment, jump into the crowd, everything.

Flobots Concert, Out of Balance

I was having quite a terrible day on Wednesday. On top of a generally lousy turn of events, the crossword puzzle in the Metro newspaper (my daily vice) had the clues indecipherably mixed up by spelling “disappointment” in seven vertical letters. With heavy rainfall as my traveling companion on the unavoidably long ride home, I was ready to smash my head against the wall of the tiny room that has become my sanctuary over the past few months. Searching for something to lift my spirits, I got on my computer to find that I had an email waiting in my typically lonely inbox from Paige Skolnick, one of the PR representatives here at Joonbug; “You are on the list for Flobots tomorrow night [at] Brooklyn Bowl.” There was much whooping and fist pumping going on in my little, dimly-lit hobbit-hole.

ROCKSTAR Taste Of Chaos Tour 2009