SFs First Water Taxi

Say ahoy to Tideline Water Taxi, the city by the bay's first water taxi service taking passengers to docks in SF, Marin and a couple of points in between. Sale from pier to pier and harbor to harbor versus riding along the curvy, narrow, rollercoaster streets of SF with cranky cab drivers.

Operating at small scale now, the convenient cab on the water has plans to bring a fleet of bigger, custom boats from Maine in just a few months. And, come America’s Cup time, they’ll offer mega-yacht transfers.

The company also offers ride share programs. Connect with your neighbors, share your fare, and cut down your carbon foot print. For guests participating in the Ride Share Club, they will be offering a discounted base fare and 12 dollars for each additional person in their party.

And, just like land cabs in SF, you can call and reserve a Tideline Water Taxi too: 415.339.0196.

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