SuperChief Gallery

Über-hip Brooklyn art gallery SuperChief presents: CREEPERS!, a collection of overly vulgar "gross-out art" from some of America's most cutting edge artists tonight from 6 - 9 p.m. Holding the title as the first and only artist to receive a criminal conviction for obscenity for artwork in the US, cartoonist Mike Diana joins Spencer Sweeney (a co-owner of the downtown cool club Santo's Party House), Danny McDonald, Aric Shunneson, and many more. As the group exhibition describes it: "Like stumbling upon a dildo in your mom's underwear drawer or dad’s Barely Legal collection, it’s an eye opener. Treat yourself to something horrible."

Oscar De La Hoya Confesses Flirting With The Devil

Former boxer, Oscar De La Hoya, recently opened up about his perils with addiction and his recent trip to rehab. Stating in an interview with Univision , "Rock Bottom was recently..."

"The Golden Boy", spoke about spiraling downward and the effects on his personal life caused by drug and alcohol abuse; adding that he considered suicide. "Within couple of years, just thinking if my life was even worth it. I don't have the strength, I don't have the courage to take my own life but I was thinking about it."

His drugs of choice were cocaine and alcohol. De La Hoya has been sober for 3 and a half months and admits he was unfaithful to his wife during that time but, "We are obviously not talking a Tiger Woods here."

Bing Bing Back to 2010

The year is coming to an end and soon New Year's Eve will be upon us. What's to come in 2011 is anyone's guess. The people, the gossip, big world events and new trends are always something to look forward to. But how did 2010 suffice? Bing's most popular searches will point out the big media frenzies that are sure to be remembered when looking back.

Most Popular Overall

1. Kim Kardashian

3. Tiger Woods

4. Lady Gaga

5. Barack Obama

6. Hairstyles

7. Kate Gosselin

8. Wal-Mart

Return of Celebrity Rehab

Rachel Uchitel? Janice Dickinson? Frankie Lons? Do these names ring any bells? If they don't now, they sure will soon. All of these people will soon be starring in the new season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

This is the fourth season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (really, more crazy celebs?) Other celebrities in this year's cast include Eric Roberts, Jeremy London and Jason Wahler.

Along with Dr. Drew, Drug Counselor Bob Forrest and Resident Technician Shelly Sprague will be there to treat the patients.

Elin Wood's Hefty Settlement Check

Tiger Woods, one of the biggest player's of the year, reportedly paid his ex an outrageous sum of $110 million dollars after the nasty split. Wouldn't we all like to get divorced after hearing that!

He is said to be worth about $500 million, so hey, whats $110 million here and there?

Elin hasn't been living so lavishly though. She could have ordered a private jet for one of her trips but instead only flew on Virgin America. Enjoy the mula Elin!

Best Tiger Woods Picture Ever

Check out this incredible picture that was taken from the weekend's Ryder Cup. Tiger Woods hit his ball straight at the camera by accident. No staged photo op or Photoshop needed for this one. The mess happened on the 18th hole but Woods didn't argue back. The photographer Mark Pain was in the correct position.

Celebrity World 2011 In Nut Shell

The Guinness World Records 2011 book was just released on Sept. 16 and it gives the low down on all things celebrity. Who was the most searched male all year, who's the biggest power couple in the industry? Here's who made us want more and those who just made us cringe.

Most Searched-For Female: Lady Gaga

Most Searched-For Male: Michael Jackson

This comes as no surprise with the untimely death of the King of Pop back in June 2009.

Biggest Power Couple: Jay-Z and Beyonce

Most Charted Teenager: Miley Cyrus

Most Infamous Female Celebrity: Lindsay Lohan

Go to Sleep in New York, Wake Up Next To Tiger

Thousands of people call New York home, hundred flock here every day whether by course or force. New Yorkers better get ready cause there's a newbie in town. According to the Daily News, there's a tiger among us.

Tiger Woods Divorced Finalized

Some may see it as though he is now free to do exactly what he was doing while he was married. Some may feel bad for the Tiger. But, it is official. Tiger Woods is officially divorced from supermodel Elin Nordergren.

Tiger Banner Pilot Grounded By FBI?

Last weekend during the US Open golf tournament a banner was flown that read, “Tiger: Are You My Daddy?” Well the pilot who flew that banner was supposed to make a second run but according to him the FBI shut down the flight.

The second sign read, “Happy Father’s Day Tiger LOL”. The pilot was en route when he was contacted by a tower controlled with a message from the FBI.

According to the pilot the FBI had “strongly urged” him to “depart the area” over the golf course as soon as possible and of course the pilot listened, who wouldn’t?

How weird, maybe the FBI is a big fan of Tiger Woods? Hmm.