VIDEO: The Batmobile Drag Race

If movies have taught us anything, it’s that the best way to settle a score and win the love of your life’s affection is to challenge your rival to a dangerous race. If the long lives the Fast and the Furious movies have led is any indication, racing is still one of the more badass of past times. That doesn’t always translate well to NASCAR and official drag racing where there are rules, controlled environments, and medics around for when things inevitably go sour. Safety doesn’t always make things appealing, but do you know who does? Batman.

5 Museums You Forgot Existed

Listen. We love culture as much as the next guy. The editors here at Joonbug enjoy rolling out of bed at noon on a Saturday (or one, or two) and heading to our favorite fine art institution. But we are not about to waste our hard-earned weekends on New York tourist traps. And as it turns out, staring at paintings is a favorite activity of the Times Square-loving, Ray's Famous Pizza-eating, crisp white tennis shoe-wearing the MoMA and Guggenheim will have to wait. Rather than shelling out to bump shoulders with a stroller-toting family of four, consider some of these exhibits that have been happily forgotten by the fannypack crowd:

Talk Shop: Pinkyotto

For the free spirit, Pinkyotto is heaven. From Newbury Street, the windows of the store stand apart as a kaleidoscope rainbow of colors. In the window, the mannequins crowd one another in a sort of Pinkyotto army, radiating groovy vibes all the way down the block.

The store's Creative Director and co-owner, Ryo Liu, along with partner Peter Hsia, have created a boutique that resembles your extremely fashionable great grandmother's closet done in psychedelic shades torn from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Needless to say, the store's designs, all created under the Pinkyotto label, are wrought with contradiction. 1920's tailoring done in a Woodstock floral, or neon animal prints infused with a modern-day peasant silhouette are some of the truly delicious, feminine confections that delight the racks at Pinkyotto.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon: the Interview

You've already seen her at our Halloween party at Espace earlier this year. But now Kelly Killoren Bensimon is back and ready for more action at Gustavino's on New Year's Eve. Don't let her drama-instigating role on Housewives mislead you: Bensimon is more intelligent, funny, and eloquent than you think, and she's not stopping anytime soon. Love her or hate her, you better get used to her. Joonbug was thrilled to get a chance to speak with her and find out more about her family, her work, and her unrelenting quest for quality.

Tim Burton Opens At The MoMa

On November 22nd, the Museum Of Modern Art opens its Tim Burton exhibition to the public. Burton is perhaps best known for his Gothic cinematic genius, which has brought us iconic classics including Beetle Juice, Edward Scissorhands, and the decrepitly lovable Nightmare Before Christmas.