Swimsuits for Your Body Type

You may not be heading to the beach this weekend, but now is the perfect time to start gearing up for swimsuit season as summer will be hear before we know it. For most women, finding the perfect suit to compliment your body can be a dreaded task. But don’t fret, while the task may seem intimidating, we have taken control and rounded up the best swimsuits. Find out what style will fit and flatter your body the most with our picks for every body type, so you can feel confident this summer while catching some waves.

If you’re looking for some chest support and don’t want to comprise by wearing a boring one piece, check this look out. This Melissa Odabash top will solve your problems. The halter neckline with thick straps will lift the bust line making it look slimmer. It also has under-wire support so you won’t have to worry about coming out of your top for a little beach volley ball. Go for tops that have plenty of coverage such as wide band or double straps. This snake print bikini set can be found at Asos for $135.50.

R&R for Less: Seven At-Home Spa Treatments

Splurging at the spa after a job well done, a promotion at work, birthday, or celebrating just about anything is incredibly tempting. After all, spas allow us to drift into a tranquil environment while we indulge our bodies with treatments designed to boost our appearance and free our minds of the stresses of everyday living. Yet, massages, facials, paraffin treatments, hair care, and my personal favorite, manis and pedis, can easily add up to thousands of dollars spent each year.

Although at-home spa treatments may not provide the same allure of going to a super posh spa, just think about all the thousands of dollars that can be saved. You can put what you've saved toward more desirable purchases such as an exotic vacation, a designer handbag, or even a new car. Here are seven spa treatments that can be done in the comforts of your own home for a fraction of the cost.

Road Trip! Tips For Planning Your Adventure

One of the last greatest adventures you can have in this country is kicking up the dust and hitting the road. Leaving your home for someplace yonder, someplace unexplored, and someplace so deliberately out of the way that you have to spin the globe twice just to find it can be so liberating and life changing that you may never want to come back.

Everyone dreams of escape, yet no one ever combs over the fine details that will devour your fun if gone unchecked. There are etiquettes to follow, games to play, and warnings to heed to, all of which no road tripper, novice nor sage is above.

Slimming Tips and Tricks for Every Body

Dazzling dress, sparkling stilettos, classic clutch; your New Year’s Eve outfit is the perfect opportunity to show off that body you’ve been working on all year! On the other hand, you may not be quite ready to commit to that inevitable “get fit” resolution until the New Year is official. Regardless, it’s time to flaunt your best assets. Here are some tips, tricks, and product suggestions to make sure your perfect look is just that.

Going sleeveless is a fabulous way to show off great, toned arms. A dress with straps that curve slightly inward will accentuate and reveal more shoulder. If you’re loving the one-shoulder look, seek out one that falls just below the shoulder blades to reveal that most definition of your upper back.

Halloween Costume Tips or Treat!

Boy are we excited for Halloween! We've never been ones to believe this holiday was exclusive to pint size trick-or-treaters; we've put way more time and effort into our costumes as adults. Now that we have a choice, you know. We have patiently waited for this season all year long and now that it is here we want to make sure you go out in the city looking fabulous and feeling comfortable. It can be a bit tricky in this winter-approaching weather. Everyone has somewhere to go; a costume party with friends or, if you're lucky, Joonbug's 10th annual Halloween Masquerade party! So before you go insane standing in line at your favorite costume shop, take these helpful tips and ideas into consideration for creating that prize winning costume.

Lauren Conrad’s Beauty Department is Open & Products Could Be for Sale!

“The site will offer beauty tips—how to do the hottest runway tricks, how to wear purple eyeliner, how to do beach curls.” Lauren Conrad stated to Allure‘s Facebook page. The Hills star launched her beauty website in collaboration with make-up artist Amy Nadine and hair stylist Kristen Ess. Lauren Conrad has her hands full with her latest venture into the beauty-blog-media world.

LC’s site offers the latest and greatest tips ranging from her pick of pastel colored nail polishes in celebration of Easter to certain types of hair brushes to use for specific types of hair styles. One of the latest blog posts at the beauty department is the “Get Catty” tutorial. It features LC herself mastering the brush stroke of creating the cat-eye look. The video provides a step by step demonstration plus a description of how to master this difficult task. Personally speaking, the “cat-eye” is not an easy thing to create but practice makes perfect! The blog is beautiful, soft colored, elegant, and girly, but at the same time it has a kick to it that makes the beauty obsessed audience unable to ever give up on beauty.

How To Spring Clean Your Closet

For some, closets stay organized year round. For others, not so much. If you have trouble finding your clothing or difficulty even getting into your closet, then it's time for some good old-fashioned spring cleaning--out with the old and in with the new. Even if you're not into color coding your wardrobe or have never heard of The Container Store, there's no denying that it's easier getting dressed when your closet is it in order. The problem? Closet clutter can be overwhelming. When everything is everywhere, where do you even start? We've put together a few tricks to spring cleaning your closet. Here are a few simple ways to create an entirely new wardrobe, recycle what you no longer need, and make your closet a place of creativity, not clutter.

  • Take inventory: What you have, need, and want.
How To Not Overeat

It's 9:06pm, and a familiar feeling starts rippling through you. As the credits roll on the film you just watched, you start to grasp your own ever-arching rolls and your face contorts to a horrified cringe.

Uh oh. You've received a visit once again from your noxious nemesis: Guilt.

Two dinners, three desserts and two hours of "a sedentary lifestyle" later, and what did you expect? Mankind commonly loses all control when faced with a steaming, enticing meal on the table.

Take charge of yourself with these six tricks:

1. Ask yourself: "Am I actually hungry?"