The New Girl in town!

In actual life Zooey Deschanel always dons the cutest outfits vintage inspired outfits. This element, along with the adorable quirkiness she exudes on the New Girl is what has made the the world fall in love with her. And now, we have even more reason to.

Announcing the amazing collaboration of iconic designer Tommy Hilfiger and the adorable Zooey Deschanel for the new capsule collection.

10 Upcoming Fashion Events You Don't Want to Miss

What: Don’t miss out on Tommy Hilfiger’s VIP shopping extravaganza at their flagship store! Shop the Hilfiger fashions with beauty and style expert, Jenn Falik and receive a look book with all of your favorite styles! Limited edition goodies will also be distributed to those who make a minimum purchase including custom monogramming. After all that shopping, you will of course be exhausted, so why not join them for the post shopping fun at Bishops & Barons for some cocktails and treats!

Bargain Babe: 5 Places to Spend Your Tax Refund

On that morning when you're watching reruns of The Most Blinged Out My Super Sweet 16 and lamenting the loss of your million dollar upbringing (we know, we've been there too!), just remember that you've got a fat check coming your way!

In the midst of filing all of your taxes, maybe you forgot the light at the end of the tunnel. Your tax returns are set from the heavens, by stork and arrive at your doorstep just in time for super shopper deals! But where to spend the sweet bundles of cash coming your way?

While some of us might invest in a few household necessities, make a payment on a car, plan a sunny vacation or even join a new gym and commit to a get fit regime – we know just know to ‘invest’ our hard earned cash – ‘cause we plan to go shopping!

Redefining The Trench: The Americans in Paris Initiative

According to the CFDA, the "Americans in Paris” initiative was created as a global showcase for emerging American designers. As Paris Fashion Week attracts a wide array of international retailers, the showroom will provide invaluable global exposure for the designers as well as the sales, marketing, and media support necessary to expand their respective businesses." This spring Tommy Hilfiger and CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund collaborate with ten lucky American designers to design their own versions of the Tommy Classic Trench Coat. “My own experience at the beginning of my career inspired my commitment to mentor young designers,” Hilfiger comments in a release. “I know firsthand how difficult it can be to enter the fashion industry and I believe designers benefit from supporting and inspiring one another.” Not only are these trenches gorgeous and unique, three of each are for sale worldwide--talk about exclusive--and we foresee our favorite styles trickling down into our wardrobes in the near future!

I Am Winter, Hear Me Roar

Boy have we had some tough brutal winter days lately; and it's only the beginning. If you're one of the many who are throwing the towel in to this unbelievable wind chill, please continue reading. Walking to the train from your cozy warm house can leave you with the impact of a person living in Antarctica. Since when has New York weather decided to turn its back on us? It's very clear. Your basic pea coat is simply not going to cut it this winter! So here are few options for when you need that extra warmth!

Beauty & Entertainment meet at NYC’s first Theatrically-inspired Salon

Be prepared for a beauty experience like no other when you visit the Parisian-style Michael Fredo Salon on the Upper East Side.

Not only do their gifted team of stylists offer a wide range of services from haircuts to make-up application, but at the top of every hour you will find owner Michael Fredo seated at his piano, crooning hit love songs as well as favorites from his album, “Introducing Michael Fredo.”

Pop star Michael Fredo, a Julliard-trained singer-songwriter known for his hit single “This Time Around,” has performed alongside everyone from Britney Spears to Lenny Kravitz in the past. The nephew of iconic designer Tommy Hilfiger, Michael was inspired to open his eponymous salon when he thought to combine his life’s passions: music & the beauty and fashion industries.

Let the Spring IN!

The mood for spring 2011 is the rejuvenation of the‘60s through the‘70s. The Spring fashion week was all about silhouette and volume. On the spring 2011 runway, there were vivid colors, layered sheers, mixed up prints and tons of volume!

Homage to ‘70s: During New York fashion week 70s inspired looks with a sense of modernism were everywhere. Flared, high-waisted pants, wedges, oversized plaids and cheerful floral prints; Rodarte, Marc Jacobs, and Derek Lam paid homage to the 70s.

Pile-on-prints: This fashion week, many designers went for mixing and matching different prints. The key to the definition of mixed prints is to stay in one or two colors or stick in the same family of prints, as in Diane Von Furstenberg’s mixed patterns.­

The City Review

It's fashion week in New York and Kelly Cutrone wants to make sure her girls Whitney and Roxy are on their A game. Kelly tells Whitney it's important that she goes to as many shows as she can - unless she has crappy seats then don't go. Whitney being the non-industry buff that she is thinks that logic is silly. It is silly but it's also probably how the fashion industry operates. So listen to Mama Kelly for once will ya, Whit. Speaking of Kelly, she's giving Roxy a chance to help run one of her fashion shows. Roxy is all about it. She really wants the opportunity to prove herself to Kelly. Kelly isn't entirely on board but she says okay. If Roxy messes up she tells her she'll fire her. Joe over at Elle could take some tips from Kelly on how to deal with lax employees.