Tommy Trash Facebook Q&A Session On Thursday

What better way to celebrate the release of the Inspired compilation, the first in a new series of releases by Ministry Of Sound, than with a Trashed Facebook Q&A takeover? This Thursday, March 20th, at 9am PST/12pm EST/4pm GMT, Tommy Trash himself will be available for one-on-one sessions online to answer all of your questions and discuss his favorite tracks from Inspired.

Tommy Trash Announces Miami Music Week Performances!

Trashed @ Set Nightclub - March 27, 2014

10:00pm- 5:00am

Buy your tickets here!

Trashed @ No Sugar Added - March 28, 2014

12:00pm -10:00pm

Tommy Trash 2014 Tour Dates:

February 28 – 79 Paris, Paris, France

March 1 – Cream, Liverpool, UK

March 1– Gatecrasher, Birmingham, UK

March 3 – Duel Beats, Naples, Italy

March 6 – O1NE, Abu Dhabi, UAE

March 7 – Colours, Glasgow, UK

Tommy Trash Announces 'Inspired' Competition

Last month we announced Ministry Of Sound's latest 'Inspired' series featuring Tommy Trash as their first installment, set to be released on March 16th. Now, Tommy Trash presents an interactive way to connect with his fans and music lovers everywhere.

He's announced an exclusive 'Inspired' competition in lieu of his upcoming compilation album. Tommy Trash is giving fans a chance to submit their own playlist of songs that inspire them personally. You can enter here to submit your own Top 5 playlist to be eligible to win the following prizes:

  • Your 'Inspired' playlist, mixed by Tommy Trash
  • Hear the mixed playlist air on Trashed Radio
  • A copy of 'Inspired' by Tommy Trash CD, signed by Tommy Trash
  • 2 tickets to a Tommy Trash show of your choice
  • A pair of Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones

If you have ever considered your own playlist to be impressive, here's a chance to make it count by none other than Tommy Trash.

Producer/DJ Erik Floyd Is Coming to Shadows on the Hudson

Shadows on the Hudson has announced their new Stereo Saturday resident DJ: Erik Floyd. The New York City-based producer and DJ is best known for remixing Grammy-nominated artists like Macklemore and Clinton Sparks; playing at venues including Gansevoort Park, Tenjune, and Catch; and deejaying for celebrities such as Derek Jeter,, and Kid Cudi. Floyd, who is a key player in the electronic music scene, has also performed alongside LMFAO, Lil' Jon, Rev Run, and Jermaine Dupri in the past. He even played at Usher's birthday!

Tommy Trash To Debut Ministry of Sound's 'Inspired' Series

In lieu of this series, Trash will also include three fresh and exclusive tracks, including a bootleg of Cascade vs. The End. This new full-length album is hotly anticipated as Trash's signature style and sounds composes of high-energy dance floor tracks. This guy has a US Grammy nomination for his remix of Deadmau5's 'The Veldt' and a Swedish Grammy nomination for his platinum selling collab with Sebastian Ingrosso for 'Reload,' Tommy Trash is on fire with his successful career.

Expect this full-length compilation series to give fans a more personal look at Trash's life as an artist and the sounds that have influenced his career today. Tommy Trash notes,

"It's really good to take a step back and look at what music informed the tracks myself and probably quite a lot of my peers make today. I think it's healthy for people's understanding of what they’re listening to."

Event Review: ExPIERience Pier 36 New Years Eve 2014

With a plethora of shows to choose from in the New York City area this New Years Eve, there had to be some difficulty for people to choose which party to go to. But those that were smart and fortunate enough to attend Joonbug's New Years Eve party at Pier 36, were in for an amazing night, and we're not just saying that because it was our party! DJ Mag was right when they rated this party as #1 in the country for NYE. It truly was an experience that only happens once a year.

From the very entrance of the venue, you could feel the energy to quickly build into something euphoric. With Michelle Francheska opening the show, everything was fallling right into place. The venue was very spacious, the sound system was spectacular (extremely loud, yet still clear), the massive stage and video screen, the 3-hour incluseive open bar was top knotch as well. All the elements were set for what was going to be one of the best nights of the year.

NYE 2014 Special: Interview with DJ R3hab
ExPIERience New Year's Eve Like Never Before at Pier 36!

It's the moment everyone has been waiting for-- the lineup announcement has been made for's highly anticipated Pier 36 NYE 2014 party! In a lineup crafted by the EDM Heavens,Cedric Gervais, R3hab, Sander van Doorn, Showtek, and Tommy Trash will grace the stage as we welcome 2014 with a wild bang. It's a night you will have to EXPIERIENCE for yourself.

In 2012, Joonbug welcomed deadmau5 to the stage, and 2013 saw Armin van Buuren take front and center. Legendary parties in their own right, they had the nation talking and wanting more. Ergo, this year we are upping the ante, giving the people exactly what the people want, and then some, by offering a whole lot more. Additionally, the venue boasts a massive dance floor, perfect for dancing the night away. There will be a live countdown on stage--but don't worry, the party will continue to rage long after the midnight hour.

Down Under with Bass Kleph

Fresh off of his opening set on the Hounds of Hell Tour which stopped by the District of Columbia this past Saturday, Aussie-born Stuart Tyson, aka Bass Kleph, gave us a history lesson on how a drummer fell in love with dance music and decided to drop the bass in our faces. He put us in a time machine; back to his:


I’m from Australia and I got into music really young; at about 8 years old I started playing drums and loved it. It actually got to the point where I played in a few bands…by the time I was about 16 I got into a band that was going really well for me; we actually got picked up by a major label. I was a rock drummer and that was my full time job and interesting to do while I was trying to finish my high school diploma and everything. But, half way through that I discovered dance music and I heard some stuff and was like “wow”; there was something about it. We had just recorded our album as the band and when you go in there the first time, you record just the drums first. Then afterwards it’s the bass and then a few days later, everything else. So the first couple of days are all about me, it’s awesome, you know the drums sound amazing and everyone’s attention is on you, making sure your instrument sounds the best. So I got really psyched for the record. Each day they put more and more on there and the drums get quieter and quieter and pushed further into the background; so I was like “aww man”. And I hear dance music where the drums are really loud and right at the front, so straight away I’m like “this is my shit, I love this. I want to know more about it and I want to learn how to write it and I want to share it with my friends”. So I started trying to learn how to write it. There was no YouTube back then; you couldn’t look up a tutorial; this was around ’99. I’d DJ at friends’ house parties, just to go “Oh my God you’ve got to hear this music, it’s amazing”. The band broke up about a year or two later and I was like “do I find another band or maybe I should keep following this dance music stuff. And I kind of decided to do it and I love it. I sold my drums, singles, cases; all my equipment, bought my studio equipment and wrapped up some demos and just went hard. Getting my music out there and DJing everywhere and now this shit’s taken me all over the world. Now I get to live in Hollywood and DJ in random places like Russia and Kazakhstan; all over Asia and yeah. It’s awesome!

Interview: Charlie Darker

We waited two months for Wolfgang Gartner and Tommy Trash's Hounds of Hell Tour to hit the district, and with two gigantic tour buses parked behind Echostage, to say that they made a grand entrance is an understatement. We interviewed Wolf back in August just minutes before his Made in America set at Roseland Ballroom, so last night we devoted our attention to one of the two supporting acts who deserves just as much love: Charlie Darker. At just 21 years old, he is traveling the country on his first bus tour with the gang, and last night he played a killer set that we're sure will stand out in fans' minds for a while. We asked about what it's been like living on a bus for the last few weeks, in addition to the vivid cultural experiences and getting his name out to fans. For now, Charlie has been doing extremely well with support from artists like Wolf, Tommy, and Afrojack to name a few, and continues to release banging tracks on Kindergarten Recordings. Listen to his remix of Clockwork feat. Wynter Gordon's "Surge" below!