Weekend Pick: New York International Auto Show at the Javits Center

Are you a lonely car lover in the pedestrian-clogged streets of New York? Well, this weekend, automobiles rule the city. It’s the New York International Auto Show, and the Javits Center will be packed with some of the newest, most innovative and most exciting cars on the market.

There are also more than fifteen cars being unveiled for the first time, and many more will be making their New York debuts, including the new Rolls-Royse Ghost II and a new Mercedes Benz. The show will also include several historical cars, including one owned by FDR and one owned by Nelson Rockefeller. You can check out the full roster of cars on display here.

Stray Boots Launches User Generated City Tours

Say goodbye to stressful, last-minute tour planning. Launching today (April 9th), tech/travel startup, Stray Boots, will offer a user-centric platform to create personalized city tours with ease. The company, which currently offers tours in over 15 cities in the US and UK, have expanded their horizons with their new User Generated Experience (UGE) platform for people who simply want to create an interesting tour around the city, or for guides/hosts who are looking to spice up their current tours.

City tours historically take guests to the same locations, but with Stray Boots’ UGE technology, tours can be customized to the tastes of the guests, and can lead to the most fascinating, hidden treasures each city has to offer. The possibilities are endless with this new platform, and there will a fresh demand for personalized city tours.

NASA Telescope NuSTAR Captures the

A picture captured by NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) shows an image that eerily looks like the X-Ray of a hand. Scientists at NASA are now calling the image the "Hand of God"

The reasoning behind the image comes from the formation of cloud material that exploded 17,000 light-years away.After the pulsar wind nebula died it left a cloud of materials that formed into this hand shape that is approximately 12 miles in diameter. The formation spins about 7 times per second scattering particles as it spins. The reason that the hand is glowing is due to the magnetic field that surrounds it.

Y-Jet Launch 2014
App Store Releases JetPac City Guides

JetPac, creator of the highest-rated travel app in the App Store’s history, is now presenting JetPac City Guides! This new app allows iPhone users to see real pictures and honest evaluations of their travel destinations by other app users! Through the help of Instagram, JetPac is able to search and analyze over 100 million photos from more than 5,000 cities, compounding and utilizing users’ experiences to build their own travel guides and generate direct and effective reviews of destinations.

The SUBTECH Dryskin and Screen Shield

Who says you can’t take your electronics with you on any adventure, no matter how dirty, thrilling, or dangerous it may be? SUBTECH has created new protective technology that will save our electronic devices from the onslaught of nature’s best—water, winter snow, sleet, and rain, dirt, and anything else Mother Earth can throw at us. The SUBTECH Screen Shield is so much more than a screen protector—anti-scratch technology and premium tempered glass offer extreme scratch and shock proof protection, fitting the iPhone 5 in a choice of black or white for $49.94.

Foodie Top 100: A Guide to the World's Best Restaurants

FOODIE TOP 100 RESTAURANTS WORLDWIDE by Glam Media. Chronicle Books /August 2013/ $19.99/ ISBN 9781452127910

Is it a Bear? A Sloth? No, It’s the Newly Discovered Olinguito!

If you do happen to be up or near these trees, then look out for the bushy tailed, red-orange furred, rounded face of Mr(s). Olinguito.

But alas, the mystery was solved upon seeing an olinguito for his first time. Helgen reports that he felt "sheer elation, just incredible excitement but at the same time almost disbelief. This animal had been missed by everyone." Wow, we wish we had been there too!

Vacation on the Moon

For example, travelers can check out one of California’s 9 National Parks, or perhaps Alaska’s 8 million acre Wrangell-St.Elias Park. However, if you’re really looking for an adventure, and want to get away for the summer, Congress may have just the thing for you. Thanks to a new piece of legislation introduced to the floor of Congress, the countries 60th National park may soon be a reality. However, don’t pack up the tent and grill just yet, as you won’t be able to drive to this park. Nor will you be able to buy a plane ticket there either.

Sea Air and Sun at The Beacon House

With the July 4th holiday approaching a little fun in the sun is on the minds of many a Metro NJ/NYC area resident! It's time to kick back, relax and enjoy that much deserved vacation. Let's face it, we are invigorated by the energy of the city, but every so often it's nice to escape to a more relaxed atmosphere where you can recharge, relax and renew.

Recently, Joonbug decided to take a beach road trip to the lovely Garden State—New Jersey. We heard quite a bit of buzz regarding a lovely beach retreat that makes you feel as if you are on a Nantucket excursion for the weekend—but yet not far from the city.