What Goes Around Comes Around

You might have once or twice heard the saying What Goes Around Comes Around, but here in New York City’s Soho neighborhood, it has a whole different meaning--one of vintage Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, and other designer treasures.

With Chanel as their central feature chic boutique, What Goes Around Comes Around is a retailer that offers high-end vintage designer clothing, shoes, and accessories for both men and women. The prices range between $50 and $3,000. For 20 years this luxurious vintage shop has provided customers with clothing dating from the 1880s up until the 1990s.

Style that’s Timeless: Hottest Watch Trends for 2013

Gone are the days of the “basic” watch. Today’s trendiest watches come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and patterns. They convey style, personality and are capable of so much more than telling time. In my opinion, the bigger and more “bling” the watch contains, the better. Here are five of the hottest and most sought after watches and trends for 2013.

Animal Print: Animal print may not be for everyone, but the trend hardly ever goes out of style. Watch faces and bands that come in zebra, leopard, tiger, and giraffe print are both eye-catching, fun, and make any “basic” outfit pop. Designers that offer a sexy and playful collection of animal print watches include: Guess, XOXO, and Betsey Johnson and can be found in most department and specialty stores. Spice up any outfit with these trendy watches; a little animal print goes a long way!

MPD? Escar- Let's GO!
'Fire in Your New Shoes' -Kaskade f/ Martina of Dragonette

Is that an accordion playing in the distance...

Nope! Just your mind playing tricks on you as the the Northern Canadian air moves in this season. But for a taste of the French Riviera, trek over the brick ridden roads of the meatpacking district and cuddle up in a nice lavish velvet bound booth of MPD. This is the kind of place where 'party rockers' meets dinner party.

They offer some of the best dinner choices the neighborhood has to offer. Yet on Tuesday's they really throw a curve ball, by offering a special menu compliments of the French Riviera. Because isn't that what we 'all' want when sub-freezing temperatures are in the five day forecast?

We’re Green with Envy
Color trends are usually short lived, however this one is definitely worth the splurge. Emerald green is classy, elegant, and timeless, a must have this season. After the Golden Globes revealed this amazing trend, it’s no wonder why we’re all obsessed with it. Don’t know what to wear this New Years Eve? Well that’s easy, steer clear of the little black dress this holiday season and be sure to grab yourself a Little Green Dress instead. But be prepared to turn some heads, this is a showstopping color in every lighting.
The Prime One Twelve Theory, Fact or Fiction?

As a single New Yorker who has flown South for an unpredictable length of Winter and future, it seems that I am a magnet for advice on where to meet men. As a foodie at heart and a culinary guru by trade, the most popular destination of suggestion by a landfall is Prime One Twelve; I have been told that the food is fantastic, the scene is hot and the men are desirable. Well after one visit, I conquer.

As a commitment-phobic, I always check out a new place via drinks and appetizers at the bar before taking the plunge and making a reservation for dinner. At Prime, in order to score prime seating for this first date experiment, you will want to arrive between 8:00pm and 9:00pm. My girlfriend and I found comfortable seats right in the middle of the trendy bar scene right away. We ordered a bottle of Prosecco and nibbled on Prime’s signature bar accoutrement; thick flavorful bacon! Being known and noted for their steaks, this is perfect foreplay for the steak lover’s tongue.


Nobody living in New York is completely immune to the lower east side’s charms and with restaurants like Macondo (and its older upscale sister Rayuela) why would you dare try? Macondo aims to bring Latin American street food to an elevated forum for its patrons to enjoy.

From the street, just the look of Macondo is enticing. The bar is just big enough for a party of five (no pun intended) and has a few seats hedging the outside (prime real estate during cocktail hour). The dining room stretches back, resembling the dimly lit aisles of a 747, and is decorated by old wooden shelves stocked with Latin staples (like canned chilies).

New Kids On The Block

I am proud of where I live, and having lived there for a grand total of six weeks, I feel it is my privilege, nay, my responsibility, to report some comings and goings that are occurring. This is not a gossip piece, so much as a ‘heads up.’ In the heart of the East Village, where trendy just gets trendier, there is more to be excited about.

I never realized when I first moved in to my new apartment, just what kind of neighborhood I was getting myself involved with, and now that I’ve been living there a grand total of six weeks, I feel a veritable local, and am assuming the responsibility of showing off that I live in a cooler part of the city than you. That, and I want to draw attention to some new developments happening on 7th Street.

Champagne Supernova

Not since Tucker Max brought forth his stories of debauchery, assholish behavior and general malaise as a human being has something interested me as quickly as champagne Tuesdays. I don’t know where to begin. My initial reaction to the name was ‘don't give a shit, I don’t want to spend my evening around people buying bottles of champagne and acting pretentious.’ Then they added the word 'limitless,' and I started to listen. Then they told me it was at Superdive, a massively low-key, yet incredibly cool Lower East Side bar known for its ‘keg service,’ and I started to lean in. Then two things happened at once. As they (and they seem to talk a lot, don’t they?) mentioned that not only was this champagne limitless (for $20), but it was to be sabred at your table, and served by a ‘small-person’ named Nicholas, dressed in a pirates outfit who wheels said champagne about in a big bathtub; my brain melted, and I defecated myself. Awkward in an office full of people, but I think Tucker Max would understand.