Listen To Tristan Garner's Latest Release, 'Imperium.'

Parisian DJ/Producer, Tristan Garner, is highly regarded for delivering high octane tracks that are surged with energy. His latest release, 'Imperium,' proves to be no different than his acclaimed singles, 'Machine Gun' and 'Punx.' As founder of his own label, Xtralife Records, Tristan concocted his new track with intoxicating and electrifying mayhem which suits the warrior-like title, 'Imperium.' There really is no better visual for this track like the powerful monster sitting high on its throne ready to take on a war by force.

Take a listen to Tristan Garner's 'Imperium' below and grab your copy of the track via Dim Mak Records on February 11th.

Interview With Gregori Klosman

French DJ and Producer, Gregori Klosman, is one of the hottest rising names in the House music scene. He saw a huge soar in his career after collaborating with Dirty Dutch frontman, Chuckie, and since then, he's appreciated the support from all the Klosmaniaks. Always producing the sickest dance tracks, Klosman doesn't skip a beat in the studio. We got to snag an exclusive interview with him tracing back to the roots of his career, to the burgeoning success he's receiving as of late. Check out our interview with this French badass who once banged on the decks so hard, his CD player fell down on the floor at a live show!

10 Live Sets That Rule

More days than others, it seems like we're looking for some nostalgia from music festivals past only to get us in gear for music festivals present. Sometimes there are no words to describe our experiences, however, thankfully we have the live sets to bring us back to those moments. We've rounded up 10 amazing live sets from a solid group of DJ's that produce unforgettable sets and will most definately never get old. Listen, love, and enjoy!

2. Diplo- Live at Electric Zoo 2012

5. Tristan Garner- Live at Tomorrowland 2012

6. Laidback Luke- Live at Ultra Music Festival 2012

8. DJ Solo- Live at Electric Forest 2012

9. Le Castle Vania- Live at Escape From Wonderland 2011

10. Steve Aoki- Live at UMF Korea 2012

French Connection: Tristan Garner Keeps It Funky

Tristan Garner is following in the footsteps of French luminaries Daft Punk and Justice, but he doesn't stop there. Playing a classically French style of electro house, which by definition is a bit funkier and supersaturated than the stuff coming out of other places, Garner has gained quite a following in his native country and abroad. If his name isn't ringing a bell for some of you, I'm almost positive that you would recognize some of his songs, as they are played by some of the top DJs in the world. His hits include "Give Love," "Overdrive," and an underground hit "Fuckin Down." Here are a few samples to jog your memory:

Ya dig? He's playing THIS Saturday, May 5th at Santos Party House, headlining Electric Beach. Check out this link for tickets and more information. See y'all out there!