A Sure Fire Way to Beat Post-Vacation Blues
We have just returned from vacation in London. Yes, the city where you-know-who got married. We enjoyed peering through the gates of Buckingham Palace, where a few days prior, a royal kiss had taken place on the balcony. We enjoyed wearing our new, summery, sunshine yellow calf length skirt, as the sun peeped out from behind London's grey clouds. We adored eating fish and chips, sprinkled with vinegar, in gastro pubs with animal names -Dog and Duck/The Cow/The Goat . But now we are back in LA and WE ARE BORED. Thankfully we have our favorite pastime: bargain shopping, to cheer us up and banish our post vacation blues!
Mixtape Mondays: Fashion Week

Fashion Week starts September 9th. In preparation, I've lined up a playlist that takes us through a day during the most wonderful time of the year because everyone knows you want to be part of fashion week.

9 a.m.: Flashy shirt that is more like a tarp draping off my emaciated frame? Check! Hair that looks like it just grows that way (even though I've been awake since seven preparing it)? Check! Numerous rings, myriad necklaces and clunky bracelets (and even an anklet for good measure)? Check! $300 True Relgions jeans that I ran under my uncle Pete's belt sander for a little extra flair? Check! Empty wallet from stringing together this outfit? Check! Oh, wait, my boots. Yes. I can't forget those...

Street Style: Stephanie, L.A. Native

Hails From: L.A.
Occupation: Student at UC San Diego

What is on your wish list this season?
Many, many, many boots! From ankle to knee-high – they never go out of style. I simply love them.

What do you do to feel sexy?
I put on some music, heels and a sexy dress, and walk around feeling like Beyonce has nothing on me.

What is one word that describes your personal style?
The only word I can think of that describes me is careless!

What is she wearing?
Jeans: True Religion
Cardigan: J. Crew
Shirt: Vintage
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Vintage Chanel