Grand Hyatt Hotel Launches New Signature Chocolate Line

The Grand Hyatt New York has just launched its very own, first-ever artisanal chocolate line. The mastermind behind these delicately handcrafted truffles and chocolate bars is Executive Pastry Chef Gonzalo Jimenez, who is internationally acclaimed for his meticulous technique and excellent chocolatier knowledge. The Argentinian born chef developed a passion for cooking and creating culinary masterpieces at the ripe age of 19, when he began pursuing a degree in Pastry Arts. In 2009, he took his talents to the states and served as a pastry chef in several hotels before finally making his way to the Big Apple. Now he works tirelessly to deliver the best of the best in artisan chocolates in the city that never sleeps.

We Heart Francois Payard

We've always been a fan of chocolatier and pastry chef, Francois Payard, and let's face it--it's hard not to be. But when the chocolatiest holiday of the year comes around, you know you are in for something special. Francois Payard shops are stocking up on delicious goodies for this decadent holiday and we couldn't be more thrilled. Francois has created great new desserts and flavors just for the occassion, so if you still need to pick up something sweet for your sweetie, now you know where to go.

Well known for his famous macarons, Payard is not just letting you purchase all his usual and seasonal flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and chestnut, but he has added four new flavors to the menu, which you can present to your beau in a heart-shaped box. Indulge in caramel coriander, strawberry basil, lemon thyme and mint chocolate in addition to all the classics ($48 for 17, $35 for 12). Looking for something super traditional? Scoop up a box of V-Day chocolates ($28 for 12, $55 for 30), comprised of specially made flavors such as mint chocolate, mango passion fruit & citrus zest, lemon thyme, and caramel coriander. Presented in a beautiful box, this will have anybody swooning.

Everyday I'm Trufflin'

Food trends, like all trends, come and go. One big food trend going on right now is truffle flavored, well...everything! From truffle flavored french fries to truffle pizza to truffle mayonnaise, truffles are taking the world by storm. And with good reason. Truffle oil is so good, you could put it on a wet paper bag and it would be delicious. Yes, when it comes to this delectable fungus, I have been known to lick the plate.

There are several species of truffles, the most commonly used is black truffles. The most expensive and coveted is the elusive white truffle 'Alba madonna.' It originates from a region in northern Italy in a city called Alba. Other cities where they can be found is Molise, Tuscany and parts of Croatia. In other words, these babies are imported.

Chocolate Truffles for your Valentine

You might not make a connection between Wisconsin and chocolate like you would between Wisconsin and cheese, but TerraSource will change that. Josie Pradella creates the most exquisite flavors of chocolate, with unique combinations of fruits, flowers and tea infusions. Golden raspberry, rose medley and brandied pear are just a few of the delectable options. Customers can put together their own custom gift boxes. These are perfect for those who enjoy exotic tastes and delicate flavors.