Get Creative with #DIESELREBOOT

"We're live in 5,4,3,2..." Those must've been the words muttered by the folks at Diesel right before their latest project went viral, taking the world of social networking by storm. #DIESELREBOOT is the first project for Nicola Formichetti, the brand's artistic director. The campaign is fashion forward and progressive, with models featuring a mix of different sizes, styles, and ethnicities. It's an innovative approach which circles around the most important asset to the brand, the consumer. Nicola and the designers at Diesel are enlisting "a new generattion of brand ambassadors and fashioin leaders" who they believe will give the iconic brand new life.

Newspaper Blackout Poetry

In almost a week, tons of people will struggle to express just how they feel about one person. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and like it or not, everyone is thinking just a little romantically. Soon, chocolates will be flying off of shelves and Hallmark will count their millions made in Valentine’s cards and Peanuts memorabilia. Valentine’s Day is easy for those with lovers who are satisfied with a practical box of candy or flowers or cards, or singles who can swoop in on February 15th and get all the chocolate they want on sale. However, some people expect to be romanced a little on Valentine’s Day. Who knew?

Kim Jong-il Dropping the Bass

This is pretty much the best thing we've seen all month. Jong-il was the center of many comedic skits, memes and parodies throughout his life, but this posthumous Tumblr is possibly the best of them all. Honoring Jong-il's lifelong dream of being hip and cool, in this blog he becomes the epitomy of cool: a DJ.

DJs, known for their globe-trotting, party rocking, groupie gathering lifestyles have become the new James Bond's of the current era. In this blogosphere masterpiece Jong-il finally makes it. Dropping bass next to DJ "Gods" such as David Guetta, Skrillex, Tiesto and Moby, Kim finally reaches the level of cool he was never able to achieve while he was alive.

No Irony: Hipster Dog Pageant TONIGHT

Hey, owner. It's me, Marcus. I know I've been dragging you into a lot of vintage clothes shops lately. And yes, I've been marking my territory on Bedford Avenue. And sure, I begged you to buy me the Sonic Youth Album. But if you take me to the Hipster Dog Pageant tonight, I swear I will never ask you for another doggy treat ever again.

The pageant, ignorant human, is the brainchild of Christopher R. Weingarten, who began a tumblr stream of hipsterized doggies in 2010. He began with photos of my friends Terrence and Lola, and eventually began creating portraits of other members of the doggie Hipster community.

“Stocking” is The New Planking

It feels like only yesterday that planking and Batmanning were all over the internet--mostly because it was only yesterday. The trends haven’t died out, but people around the world have been attempting to go bigger and stranger since planking started. From the more vertical Batman maneuver to the videos of “coning”: people ordering ice cream at Drive-Through windows and picking their cone up by the soft serve end, the trick has always been either looking uncomfortable or making someone else look uncomfortable.

Perhaps the most uncomfortable expressions and scenarios of all come from stock photography. For those unfamiliar, stock photos are taken for just about every situation possible, just in case anyone suddenly needs a picture. They’re several layers of weird , funny, and sometimes creepy, with their white backgrounds and perpetually smiling models, smiling and laughing at everything: bowls of salad, expense reports, furniture, and anything, really. Since stock photos are more than a little weird, they’ve earned their place in the hearts of millions on the internet already. Turning stock photos into a project only added to the appeal when Stocking was invented.

Stocking is the act of recreating one of your favorite stock photos as closely as possible. When the creative minds at Projekt202 put together Stocking Is The New Planking, a Tumblr dedicated to the effort, they gained followers immediately. Now people everywhere are posing with stock photography as a reference. The project has just started and while it might not sweep the globe the same way planking has, it’s already getting some creative results.

Check out the results so far or submit your own Stocking photo here.

Garrett Miller's Windoodles and Imaginawesome

As luck would have it, Miller wasn’t the only one amused by this past time. Plenty of creative minds around the world began taking up their markers and creating their own doodles once Miller created a Tumblr page dedicated to these cool scenes. The drawings are not simple vandalism, but work that really takes into consideration perspective, scenery, and creative use of the environment. Window plants become jungles, skyscrapers become stomping grounds for giant beasts, and rainy days can become melancholy scenes for fictional doodle characters. The project is a great excuse for adults to exercise creativity and find the fantastic in everyday life--while of course, washing off the evidence.

However, Miller really enjoys seeing the creative minds of children at work as well. His other Tumblr page, Imaginawesome, is almost the inverse of Windoodles. This project, rather than collecting doodles from adult imaginations and environments, brings the doodles of children to life. Miller and a few others talk to kids about their drawings and ideas and draw them in their own styles. The results are vivid portrayals of fantastic and creative scenes that only a child could come up with. The amazingly complex and cool creatures and creations Miller translates to realistic design are a wonder to look through.

Can't Get Enough of Gaga's Killer Looks?

We have to fess up to it, we obsessively scour the web for the latest Lady Gaga fashion statements. Whether she's bald and wearing a dress made out of hair or tossing around floor length teal locks, we're left wondering why she does it and what's next.

Thankfully, Gaga is concerned with our need to know and will now keep us informed with her latest project: her Tumblr blog, Amen Fashion. On it you'll find the star's exclusive backstage photos and breakdowns of her fashion forward garb, as well as love notes to her fans and cryptic poems about cannibalism, or what might just be a metaphor for a relationship on the rocks.

"People Staring at Computers" Project Raided by Secret Service

Kyle McDonald, self-professed artist, installed software in New York’s Apple stores in SoHo and West 14th street that would automatically upload pictures from computer cameras each minute and put them all on a Tumblr page. He received permission from the stores to take the pictures with his camera, but not from the people he was secretly photographing with his software. The results of his project were hundreds of photos of people looking bored or pre-occupied and a visit from Secret Service.

This is Not OK, Cupid

Online dating has really revolutionized romance over the years. For those who could never find someone that shared the same interests or truly clicked or simply couldn’t find the time for dating, alternatives like or free sites like OKCupid became the answer. Now online dating has become so common that there’s hardly a person left who raises their eyebrow when told a couple “met online”.

However, that doesn’t mean the experience is always a walk in the park. This is the internet, after all. It’s the easiest place to make new friends and the easiest place to find creeps. One site has decided to shine a light on some of the weirdest (and funniest) messages sent through OKCupid. This is Not OK, Cupid is a Tumblr that allows users to submit the strangest messages they’ve ever received on the dating site.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Awesome People Hanging Out Together is fairly simple and self-explanatory. The website, which relies heavily on user-provided content, features the coolest people in history caught spending some quality time with other cool people in history. The simple concept, however, is one of the coolest oddities on the internet.

It’s fascinating to see celebrities and historical figures who normally would never meet spend some time together. We often forget how small the celebrity world is and how often the greats of different interests meet. Not too many would guess that Salvador Dali and Walt Disney once bonded over a miniature train set, but the picture of the two admiring one exists and it’s worth a thousand words. A photo of a conversation between legendary British comedian Stephen Fry and Lady Gaga has viewers wondering what the two share in common and how they got along.