Forbes Releases 2013's Highest Paid Models

Forbes recently released a list of 2013’s highest paid supermodels. Gisele Bündchen topped the list for the 7th year in a row with annual earnings of $42 million (down $3 million from last year). Miranda Kerr, a Victoria’s Secret angel like Bündchen, came in second with just over $7 million. Two other Victoria’s Secret ladies made the cut: Adriana Lima made $6 million and Candice Swanepoel racked in $3.3 million. Other notable names included the ever-present Kate Moss ($5.7 million), China’s first major supermodel Liu Wen ($4.3 million), and Estee Lauder’s first Latina ambassador Joan Smalls ($3.5 million).

Sustainable Style: Interview with Green House of Fashion

It has been ingrained in our minds for years that recycling is better for the earth. Emphasis on organic foods and biodegradable products is publicized everywhere showing how to live healthy. Both of these are significant influences on our everyday lives, but if you think about it, so is fashion! For most of us fashionistas, what we will wear for the day is calculated down to the last accessory. So why aren’t we taking time to learn about the things that consume a large part of our thoughts during the day? Suzanna, co-founder of the blog Green House of Fashion, was lovely enough to meet with us for an interview to tell us about her eco-fashion blog, and give us a little insight as to what goes into being eco-friendly in your wardrobe and how to be fashionable while still being sustainable.

Newest Celebs At The Beauty Bar

What do Tory Burch and Tyra Banks both have in common, aside from being mega fashion icons? They are the latest fashion industry celebrities to branch out their brands into beauty by launching fragrances!

Not so surprisingly, fashion's "Jackie of all Trades" Tyra Banks has already launched a scent. Or more specifically, Tyra Banks' hit reality television show America's Next Top Model has launched a scent. The show teamed up with Hatch Beauty to develop the fragrance which is appropriately named "Dreams Come True" - aww, how sweet. "Dreams" will have fruity and floral notes, and is now available at Target stores for $12.99 and $21.99 for the 30 ml and 1 0z bottles respectively. Only time will tell if the ANTM perfume will live longer than the show's chucked Wal-Mart clothing line from 2008.

ANTM U.S. vs U.K.

After Cycle 16 of America's Next Top Model Tyra Banks promised us there would be no more "normal" cycles and according to NY Magazine, she has lived up to her word. In an outlandish and what some may even call confusing twist, Cycle 18 of ANTM will be a competition between the United States versus the United Kingdom. For those who have consistently kept up with our favorite runway reality show, you are in for a huge excitement this coming season. Seven American girls will compete against seven British girls for the title of America's Next Top Model, talk about glamorous nationalism!

Q & A with Tyra Banks on Harvard, Modelland & Inspiration

Tookie. Intoxibellas. Bestosterone. A smize. All things hailing from Tyra's vivid imagination in her new fantasy book Modelland which was released earlier this month. Yesterday, the supermodel-turned TV host-turned Harvard student-turned author made an appearance at Neiman Marcus in Bal Harbour to a full house of her fans, each of whom received a signed copy of her new novel. (You'd expect the majority to be tween girls but the audience was quite eclectic including everyone from kids to middle-aged married couples to Tyra's favorite 93-year-old wigmaker.)

After encouraging the crowd to their feet and warming everyone up with some silly catalog, couture and sexy poses, Tyra started by stating the obvious. "I’m nervous about Modelland because I’ve never written a fiction book before. But I do know fashion and I do know modeling and I do know storytelling but this is the first of a series so bear with me because it will get better as it goes along."

Tyra Banks Gets Ready for All-Star 'Top Model'

What makes this news? Take a look at the latest TV spot for the show below and you wil understand. It's no secret that Tyra is not the most, ahem, subtle person when it comes to any creative project she's involved in. Lady knows how to go balls out. Nosebleeds and all. And don't even get me started on that Tyra Banks Show episode where she had "rabies"...

The returning contenders for the coveted ANTM prize are: Shannon Ratliff, Camille McDonald, Brittany Brower, Lisa D'Amato, Bre Scullark, Bianca Golden, Dominique Reighard, Sheena Satana, Isis King, Allison Harvard, Laura Kirkpatrick, Angelea Preston, Kayla Ferrell, Alexandria Everett

Fanny Packs: A Blast from the Past

"Fanny pack."

Just saying it, reading it, seeing it, thinking about it used to make us cringe. Complete tourist territory. Well, the term, "fanny pack", has unfortunately built up a negative reputation with the stigmatization of an obnoxious tourist's know, the guy or girl who wears tropical shirts with a camera around his/her neck, a huge visor with big black sunglasses and without a doubt, the essential fanny pack tied around his/her waist.

Thankfully, there is a 2011-appropriate coined term: the belt purse. (Hallelujah!)

We all saw Carrie Bradshaw wearing it in Sex and the City. She just makes everything look so damn good. Not to mention, she's totally killing that crop top! (another look out for summer `11 must-haves, which also means must-work-out)

Tyra Banks Harvard Student

The supermodel has revealed she has gone back to school. She's studying business at Harvard University.

Slicing The Cookie-Cutter Image

It takes countless faces, shapes, and sizes to make up our world; however, there is this ideal "look" that still lingers in society's minds. Many people see beauty as a symmetrical face, thin waist, and toned body. Not to discount those who work hard for their body, but there are many other forms of beauty that are not widely recognized. As a whole, our world is definitely making strides in accepting body types other than the 5'7, size 0 shape. We must give props to Tyra Banks for showing the world back in 2007 that she's proud of her curvaceous body-bathing suit and all. Mia Tyler, the well known plus-size model and daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and sister of Liv Tyler, has appeared in magazines such as Seventeen and Figure. This gives younger girls the encouragement to accept their bodies and to not chase after the unrealistic expectations of society. We should encourage the youth of today to love their bodies and dress in fashions that reflect their self-image.

Any thoughts?

A Date With Tom Mark

Fashion designer Tom Mark is the man behind the infamous Mark Wong Nark line. The line, named after his father who passed away 15 years ago, is responsible for clothing stars Tyra Banks, Cameron Diaz and Kim Kardashian. His line has appeared in music videos for Madonna, George Michel and Paula Abdul. Denise Richards dodged bullets while wearing his leggings in the James Bond movie "The World Is Not Enough."

Originally from Thailand, Tom moved to Los Angeles when he was seventeen. His older brother recognized Tom's raw talent and pushed him toward fashion school. Tom enrolled in FIDM and it was there that a designer was born.