Get Drunk Off Theater

A new kind of theater show is in town and it's goal is to Get. You. Drunk. Horse Trade Theater Group and Strange Dog Theatre Company are bringing Ben Clawsons's The Virilogy: A Drinking Game to UNDER St. Mark's for your enjoyment. The show is comprised of three one-act comedies spanning a decade in the lives of the world's worst best friends.

So, you're wondering, how does the booze play into all this?

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Come see the show.

Step 2: Pick a character.

Step 3: When the character drinks, so do you.

Hopefully you'll be able to last through the whole show without blacking out! The show will be running from July 5th- 14th on Thursday through Saturday at 8pm.

Tickets are $18 and include one free beer. They can be purchased here.

Mini-Fridge Theater Festival Hits 4th of July Weekend

Join FRIGID New York 4th of July weekend for a mini-festival with the best Frigid artists and Fringe Festival artists, hand picked by Horse Trade Theater Group. This frigid event is sure to cool you off during the hot weekend! The mini-festival will play at UNDER St. Marks June 28-July 4. Tickets are $15 ($12 for students & seniors) and are available here. Check out the line-up of performances below.

Kill the Band: Mock Bottom
Presented by Killy Dwyer and Kill the Band
KILL THE BAND presents a surreal, multi-media theatrical experience to celebrate the release of their triumphant second comedy rock album, MOCK BOTTOM! Part CD release party, part psychodramedy, MOCK BOTTOM mockuments the farcical cycle of the band's breakdowns and breakthroughs. Free CD included with your ticket!
Thu 6/28 & Sat 6/30 @ 10pm

Dancin', Grillin', Chillin'

We are in it: the inevitable decrescendo towards civility and normalcy. The frigid aftermath of the volatile highs of St. Paddy’s weekend are typically associated with a week-long hangover—a gradual decompression from the bombast and insanity that lulls the weekly warrior into a funk. To alleviate the languorous haze induced by the work-week grind, the natural remedy is to inject some joviality into the everyday—a proverbial week-long “hair of the dog” that lessens the sting of Reality’s cruel embrace!

With the emerald garb relegated to hibernation, the debaucheroues memories shall have to sustain for another year’s time. Until then, a little daily indulgence shall have to suffice!

Have a Jolly Holiday

December is here, and with it comes snow, Santa, menorahs, and good holiday cheer! Partake in these fun wintery events that are sure to warm you up and give you something to talk about on your days off by the fire.

The Feast of Seven Fishes - Patsy's Italian Restaurant will be hosting a magnificent Italian feast, running from December 16th- 24th. Derived from their legendary recipes, Patsy's Feast of the Seven Fishes will include a choice of calamari salad or baccala salad, a half-order of linguini with frutti di mare sauce, along with a choice of shrimp scampi, stuffed calamari, shrimp fra diavolo, or tilapia livornese. Dessert takes the feast to another level, with a choice between homemade strufoli (honey balls) or homemade biscotti. The feast will be $59.95/person and it'll be well worth it!

Bastardpiece Theatre

As if there aren't enough bastards in your life, The Horse Trade Theater Group, in association with The Sopisticates, will be putting on a monthly show starring burlesque MC Bastard Keith and striptease master Madame Rosebud. These two sexual connoisseurs have looked high and low for the world's craziest, goriest, dumbest, and nakedest exploitation movies around, and during Bastardpiece Theater, you will get to see the result.

Bastardpiece Theater will take place on the second Thursday of every month at 10:30pm at UNDER St. Marks. The inaugural show is October 13th. Tickets are $20 and may be purchased here. The first show will feature The Gore-Gore Girls with guest commentator Brian Silliman.

Naked Painted Girls Reading

Has the title caught your attention? Have you ever wondered what's sexier than seeing hot girls being intellectual? Well, the answer is nothing. October 19th marked the second anniversary of their new home with Horse Trade Theater group. UNDER St. Marks will host a year-long special event, Painted Girls Reading, showing on the third Wesnesday (9pm) of every month.

Naked Girls Reading NYC presents an intimate live event with a monthly nude literary salon featuring readings in-the-buff by local burlesque luminaries, professional librarians, authors, and other Naked Girls. Past themes have included banned books, tween lit, and holiday presentations of A Christmas Carol.