Get the Look: Free Spirit

The punk in pink look is effortless and so fun! With only a few pieces, throw it together and turn heads wherever you go.

This Aztec print from Motel Rocks comes in a body-con dress, a crop top and a skirt in case you fell in love with the print like us!

This cutout play-suit is accessorized with a bright shoulder bag like this one from Gypsy Warrior and these Dr Martens Hincky Acid Pink Smiley 8 Eye Boots which are just insanely cool! We def think they should be paired with the leather leggings too!

"High" Fashion: Get the look!

Trend Alert!

Marijuana has been a hot topic in the news with its legalization in Washington and Colorado. The topic has been all over the place! But now its hitting the high street and the runway in a surge of marijuana leaf print clothing.

Rasta has always been fashonable being influenced by musicians such as Bob Marely , Weezy and Rihanna, but the new surge has trickled down from hot names to my teenage cousin who sported some brilliant marijuana dress socks to thanksgiving dinner. (Which you can get here)

Day to Night in a New York Minute!

Many fashion magazines have written articles on how to turn your office outfit into a look fit for a night on the town. However, those articles don’t take into consideration what city girls have to go through to be New York ready. We don’t have car trunks where we stash our heels and we need walking shoes, working shoes, and dancing shoes. Anything we carry with us is likely going to be toted on a bus, a subway, across a couple of avenues, and into the bar. That being said, being party ready once the clock strikes five isn’t impossible, it can even be fun if you’re creative. (And by creative, I don’t mean running into the nearest Sephora and redoing all of your makeup at the sample counter…because let’s be honest, what city girl doesn’t do that?)

Strut the Streets in Snakeskin

So, if you haven't heard the style girls of Glam Damn it are hear to tell you that Stella McCartney's new Faux Python Purse just hit stores today! If you have been keeping up with the latest fashion then you must know python (especially metallic python) is a major YES for Spring/Summer 2013. Although Stella's beautiful python purse retails for a whopping $1,200...we will show you where to shop this snakeskin look in a rather wallet savvy price range. From purses, hats, shoes to jewelry—you will be strutting the streets in snakeskin accessories in no time!

Rock a Bow Tie for Spring
Wearin’ Of The Green

Shamrock Manicure: Nail trends are all the fashionable rage. Now's the time to get creative and have some fun with your manicure! Joonbug is feeling L'Oreal's Color Riche nail lacquer in 'New Money' (perhaps this color will bring you good luck). Add L'Oreal's stick-on Nail Lingerie to make your manicure sparkle.

Pretty in Peplum

Ah, peplum. We remember when we first saw you make your folded re-appearance circa 2010 on bodycon skirts and fun little dresses. Now it's 2012 and we see you so often we can't believe there aren't peplum PJs on the market. But even as you commercialize yourself, you scare some consumers. Don’t lie-- will you make our hips look wider? If we wear you out to dinner will our date question whether we’re hiding a food baby?

Fear not, the peplum-phobic. This trend is one that anyone can rock. Here's how—just use the fad to accentuate your favorite feature. If you love your waist, let the narrowest part of your ribcage do the talking by letting the peplum taper begin above the belly button. A tighter top like the Parker Sequin Peplum Top from Shopbop will highlight where you are most slender.

These Are So Clutch!

Jimmy Choo Jasmine Clutch, $1,695

The mixture of white and coral on this python skin clutch gives it a simple, classic look. We love the use of silver hardware against the warm color to give it more of an edgy appeal! If you have the money to splurge on something this fantastic, and are in need of a chic day clutch, we say hail to the Choo!

Proenza Schouler PS1 Pochette Leather Clutch, $895

Take Your Office Space From Nay to Yay

Let’s face it, sitting at a desk all day can get, well, boring. It’s hard to walk into your office knowing that it’s going to be 90 degrees and sunny outside. Who wouldn’t rather be at a beach, park, or pool? (We know we would!) Make your workdays less dreary by sprucing up your office or cubicle with cool, new supplies. And we’re not talking yellow post-it notes or ballpoint pens. We’ve scanned the stores for the 10 chicest and totally innovative office gadgets out there. Check them out and we promise, these pieces will definitely brighten up your workspace and make your space look a little more attractive and a little less dreary!

Cheap + Chic: Our Favorite Carryall Bags Under $100

As women, we naturally like to have everything we’ll need for the day at the tips of our fingers. Thus, we continuously pull a Mary Poppins by carrying everything from makeup, to work essentials, to accessories and more in our handbags so we can be prepared for whatever the day brings us! As the middle of summer arrives, the best deals are hitting the department stores and now is the time to go a-shoppin’! We’ve combed through the many, many big bags out there right now to bring to you our top 7 favorite carryall bags that can bring you from the workday, to a night out, and the best part? They are budget friendly! Who ever said being a bag lady was a bad thing? Find our favorite stylish big bags below!