Cooking Paella with Tio Pepe

On March 28th, was lucky enough to be invited to a cooking demonstration at New York City’s own Tio Pepe in honor of World Paella Day where we were treated with an impromptu wine tasting and desert sampling. For those who don’t know, paella is a traditional Spanish dish. Almost like Spain’s version of Jambalaya, it’s considered to be “scavenger food” made with rice, meats, and veggies.

Tea That Will Make You Bubbly

If you happen to be walking down 19th Street on any given day, you’ll probably pass right by Chamalyn without ever noticing it was there. That would be quite a shame. This hole-in-the-wall establishment offers not only an amazing selection of Japanese candy, but it's bubble tea is unlike any you can find in the Mission District. Bubble tea (aka Boba tea), a flavorful drink featuring tapioca/boba pearls, has become more and more popular in the United States; with one taste of Chamalyn's tea, you'll understand why.

All teas are $3.50 and a variety of specials are available daily. Try some of the popular teas such as apple tea, lychee tea, guava, rainforest iced tea, passion fruit tea or mango. The owner, May, is another reason this place cannot be missed. She has amazing enthusiasm and is extremely helpful with helping you choose a tea you will like. Plus, she is willing to customize your selection to make sure you get exactly what you want!