The First Burrito Vending Machines Arrive in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, the first ever burrito vending machine was installed in a local convenience store on Santa Monica Blvd. The company, unsurprisingly called Burritobox,offers five different 100% natural burrito types, including flavors like chorizo sausage, egg, and cheese, and free-range chicken, bean, and cheese. You can add condiments like guacamole, sour cream, and Tabasco sauce for an additional price, but the burrito by itself costs just $3. After you use the touch-screen interface and pay for your food, a nice music video plays while your snack heats up.

Pizza Vending Machines Hit the U.S.

Vending machines: they’re life savers to anyone that doesn’t have the time to wait in line for a meal between classes and 15 minute breaks at work. Sure, there’s not a lot inside that’s nutritionally sound unless gummy candies with vitamin C count, but help us survive a few more hours. They’re simple machines, not exactly built to churn out a nice meal. That, however, might be changing. Meet Let’s Pizza, the vending machine that makes and dispenses freshly made pizza.

Vending Machine Accepts Hugs as Currency

In Singapore this week, hugging a Coca-Cola vending machine will get you a free soda. No, it’s not a sudden outreach from the robots we’ve created. It’s part of a campaign started by Coca-Cola called, appropriately, the ‘Open Happiness’ campaign. It’s not the weirdest campaign Coca-Cola’s taken on and it certainly doesn’t trump Pepsi’s social networking vending machines. Still, it’s raising eyebrows and bringing a little joy all over Singapore.