The Price People Will Pay for Hot Lingerie

The annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show is almost upon us. Hooray for all the men around the world, even our partners, boyfriends and husbands. Let’s face it, they’re finding someway to tune in to this catwalk whether it be “watching the game with the boys,” indulging in a little closet DVR action or perusing post-press pics in glossy magazines at the nearest Barnes & Noble’s bathroom.

And, our gawking guys will be extra delighted to know that one of their favorite angels, Alessandra Ambrosio will be donning the coveted ‘Fantasy Bra’ for this years show. That’s right, in less than one-month, Ambrosio will be flaunting her figure in the Floral Fantasy gift set, which includes a very sexy push-up bra handset with amethysts, sapphires, rubies and diamonds (plus a removable20-carat white diamond in the center), and the matching belt adorned with more than 5,200 precious gems.

Gents! Don’t miss out on this. The VS Show airs on Dec. 4 on CBS.