Where to See and Where to Be Seen on the FW Scene

Unless you are one of the blessed be, with a seat in the front row of a show, or even standing room, then you need to know what are the hottest spots in NYC. Lucky for you, we are to the rescue with a list of the hot to trot locations this New York Fashion Week.

About: In September 2013, Bar Naná, a new nightlife destination from Trey Hospitality, was unveiled in New York City's Meatpacking District. Bar Naná blends South American and French influences to create a uniquely considered nightlife offering in New York.With crafted cocktails, custom uniforms by Olivier Theyskens and a beautiful design, Bar Naná aims to appeal to an eclectic crowd, with a diverse mix of ages and tastes.

Forbes Releases 2013's Highest Paid Models

Forbes recently released a list of 2013’s highest paid supermodels. Gisele Bündchen topped the list for the 7th year in a row with annual earnings of $42 million (down $3 million from last year). Miranda Kerr, a Victoria’s Secret angel like Bündchen, came in second with just over $7 million. Two other Victoria’s Secret ladies made the cut: Adriana Lima made $6 million and Candice Swanepoel racked in $3.3 million. Other notable names included the ever-present Kate Moss ($5.7 million), China’s first major supermodel Liu Wen ($4.3 million), and Estee Lauder’s first Latina ambassador Joan Smalls ($3.5 million).

Miranda Kerr Loses Her Wings

Miranda Kerr is no longer a Victoria's Secret Model. Us Magazine has reported that the 30-year-old gorgeous model will no longer be part of the sexy lingerie brand. According to multiple sources, Kerr's $1 million three-year contract "was not renewed." Rumors have been spreading that Kerr was difficult to work with. The Australian supermodel and mother to 2-year-old Flynn with her husband Orlando Bloom, 36. It has also been reported that Miranda is no longer a "big seller" for VS.

However, Miranda can still be part of the VS catalog but will be paid a day rate. Executives have also invited Kerr to walk in the 2013 show and said they have no plans to stop working with her entirely, despite this news.

Cheap + Chic: Hot Bikinis under $50

As summer begins, we start to spend more and more time at the beach or poolside. For this reason, it’s crucial that we rock bathing suits we love to show off. However, sometimes teeny weenie bikinis come with big fat price tags. Some are great investments, but in reality, do we really want to be spending over $100 on two small pieces of fabric that will be getting wet and soaked with chlorine or salt water? Spend that extra cash towards another piece for your summer wardrobe and check out one of these hot bikinis we love that are right on trend and even better, under $50!

Stylin' with Victoria's Secret Supermodel Elsa Hosk

Victoria's Secret knows that Spring Break is heating up coast-to-coast and everywhere in-between! Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with one of their newest faces, Elsa Hosk, to learn more about what's in store for Spring/Summer 2012. And if you haven't noticed, this season's collection is all about bright pops of neon, hints of lace, figure flattering designs, frayed denim shorts and much, much more!

Upon arriving at the Victoria's Secret showroom I was greeted by images of their hottest models; Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, and Elsa Hosk --just to name a few gorgeous faces! As I entered the room, racks were lined with the latest exciting Victoria's Secret fashions this season. I particularly loved the vibrant hoodies with variations of the 'Pink' logo. They're a great style staple that can be worn with everything from a casual black dress and sleek leggings, to alluring denim shorts. Meeting the blonde beauty, Elsa Hosk, was also a refreshing experience because she was very energetic, down- to- earth and quite knowledgeable regarding the latest VS looks.
Victoria's Secret Unveils New High-End Collection
Blink and you may have missed it! Yesterday, Victoria’s Secret debuted their newest project, available exclusively online and in handful of brick-and-mortar stores, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection marks the company’s first foray into the high-end lingerie market under the Victoria’s Secret brand, and now stands to compete against the likes of Agent Provocateur, La Perla, Cosabella and more.
Previously, Victoria’s Secret has dipped their toes in the market so to speak, by featuring other high-end brands on their floors (and of course, who can forget their famous million dollar bras!), but as President and Chief Marketing Officer Ed Razek states, the decision was made to “[bring] it in-house because we have a design team that has such passion for lingerie and they differentiate Victoria’s Secret from any other brand.” The line ranges from $38 for garters to about $300 for merry widows and other negligees.
Get Patriotic

Sure, 4th of July may be all about fireworks, freedom and various liquor concoctions --but let's not forget another key element --swimsuits! Whether you want to go for that classic 80s stars and stripes look or something new and fresh, we have you covered! Here are some of our festive swimsuit picks. Happy 4th!

This edgy one-piece is rad in two ways: the silhouette is totally Malibu circa 1980s and vertical stripes

Best Bikinis on a Budget

Calling all fashionistas! Now is the time to get bikini ready! This spring, retro, striped, and floral prints make waves; red and orange hues make a splash; and pleather- oh, pleather- makes those beach boys sweat. Here are our top 10 budget-friendly bikini's to keep you looking fashionable and feeling hot this spring (and they're all under $100!).

Mixtape Mondays: Brooklyn is Burning, Inertia is Creeping and Someone Needs to Gimme Shelter!
Hello faithful cherubs! Are you all digging the new Joonbug website? New layout, new flow and new feel. If you haven’t already noticed, another change that has happened here is the renaming of my column. Favorite Tune Fridays is BEAT, y’all. Mixtape Mondays has taken over, crowned itself and, basically going to do the same thing, but just under a new moniker. It’s cool, right? Please don’t make me break out Shakespearean quotes about roses to convince you otherwise...Onward!

Head Automatica – Brooklyn is Burning

Head Automatica came to me in my freshman year of high school. I was sitting in my sister’s car, waiting to see what the music would be for our ride to some unremembered errand. She was dating a skateboarder at the time, and her musical selection at times, much to my dismay, mirrored that. When she popped in Head Automatica, the first song that played was “Beating Hearts Baby” – which, I think, I initially was thinking, “Good God, more scream-y, whine-y punkish music? Really?” because that's totally not my scene, not my taste, and certainly something I have almost zero patience for. But by the end of the song I was slowly betraying my premature reluctance and noticed that, PERHAPS, my foot was tapping along to the beat. But when “Brooklyn is Burning” came on, I was so completely into it and, not wanting to seem overly-impressed with my sister’s music choice, (why do siblings do that?!) I casually asked her, “Who is this, again?” Head Automatica, ah, okay. Never heard of them…

Almost six years later, I’m still very much into the song. As I write this column while listening to it, I’m currently trying to keep myself from getting up and dancing around. Head Automatica has this very impressive ability to blend rock with punk and pop in a way that is not convoluted, annoying or unsuccessful. It’s a great way for me to get an eclectic mix of sounds and genres all within one song. Something like “Brooklyn is Burning” could be played in a club, bar or party. It has that mold-able sound that can fit anywhere. Will it fit for you?

Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps

Welcome to the first of many, many, many Massive Attack entries. They are one of my top five favorite artists, and so many of what I find to be the greatest songs in the world have been birthed by them. My first introduction to the band came from, I believe, randomly watching MTV one day and catching the middle part of the music video for “Teardrop”. Whoever I was watching television with at the time changed the channel before the end credits could show, so I had no idea what the name of the song was or whom it was by, but I remember the vocals, lyrics and sound start to etch their place in my head, igniting the flames of love that now burn with crazy fervor for this amazing band.

A few years later, the movie Go came out. My sister and I rented it one night and discovered another gem of theirs on the movie’s soundtrack – “Angel.” Although I didn’t run out and buy their album that night, I became aware of them as a band and their strength in alluring Trip Hop that kept latching its relentless hooks in my young and impressionable taste.

Around the same time, Victoria’s Secret aired a commercial that used “Inertia Creeps,” a sexy, drum-heavy song, pulsing with provocative lyrics, as a backdrop to one of their new lingerie ad campaigns. Once again, Massive Attack was inadvertently colliding with my ears and it was getting to the point where enough was enough: I WANTED IN.

It wasn’t until 2000 or 2001 that I actually bought their album, Mezzanine. It was one of the first CDs that I remember purchasing on my own. It was winter and a few days after my family and I had taken one of our much-anticipated trips into Manhattan to sightsee (i.e. be tourists), so I always associate Massive Attack – or, at least, that album - with my childhood craving to live in the city – even now, as I currently live here.

Let The Games Begin

Cipriani Upstairs

Thursday nights Fall re-opening was amazing! I had a hot little crew with me - Dovile Virsilaite, her best friend Kirsten and Russian model Guzel. Dovile and Kirsten joined me Upstairs after dinner and we got crazy. My associate “Slim” rolled in with Nima Yamini and took over a swath of the room with eight or nine models. I honestly couldn’t tell you who else was there. But a thank you to all that came to help celebrate - including Damon Dash, who holds meetings outside of Cipriani on an almost daily bases, hyped about his new #1 single.