Village Underground's Open Mic Night Mourns School Shootings

The mood is vibrant yet a settle somber fills the air. Every Sunday night at 30 West 4th Street, singers in the greater NYC area gather to share the universal language of music. Accompanied by a live band, distant background singers, and legendary host Ron Grant, performer’s cover their favorite songs by mainstream artists while others premier their original work. However, this isn't your ordinary night at The Village Underground. With the recent tragedies of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, many are mourning while others find creative ways of seeking peace.

The night wasn't initially in memory of the victims, but the atmosphere took a dramatic shift as one performer sang beautiful renditions of "I Look to You" and "I Will Always Love You" by the late Whitney Houston. By the end of his ballad melody, the room was nearly silent as many wiped their tears and consoled one another in remembrance of the 26 victims. Another performer, Eddie Sands from Cleveland, Ohio shed a few tears before his set. Shortly before he performed, he asked the audience "What's going on in the world? Those poor babies never had a chance at life. Keep the ones you love close and tell them you love them every day."

A Great Mix: Dancing and Mingling

What is the most inherently understood, widely recognized form of communication that spans the entire globe? If you said mathematics, you are wrong. It’s dancing. Bee’s do it. Birds do it, too. Even if you're already enrolled in a zumba class with a friend, finding a great dance club is one of the best ways to relieve stress and have a great time meeting people. Consider these great dance spots next time you got that itch to bust a move.

Cielo, 18 Little W. 12th St. 212-645-5700

Intimate in size, this Meatpacking dance spot was built for dancing. The sunken dance floor means all the attention is on the dancer, surrounded by various genres of house music blasting through its outstanding sound system. The floor is framed with luxurious banquettes so you and your dance partner can take a break and get to know each other.