Return of The Dress Clip
What is a dress clip? I first encountered these strange artifacts of fashion while in search for some rhinestone earrings several years ago at Reminiscence in New York City. I was instantly attracted to some intricate floral sparklers in the counter case, but was disappointed that the ear clips on the back had broken—or so I thought. Excited that the “earrings” were otherwise in good condition, I removed the damaged clip from the back and replaced it with a post. I proudly wore them to an event that evening, bragging about how I had rescued those poor tarnished things with Windex and superglue. Like many casual collectors of vintage costume jewelry, I had mistaken a pair of well-preserved dress clips for earrings, and performed some unnecessary surgery. After I won an interlocking pair of convertible Duette dress clips in an online auction a few weeks ago—this time believing that they were an ordinary brooch—I decided that I must discover the origins of these unusual accessories and learn how to wear them.
Vintage Finds & Brunch for MS Awareness Week

Vintage Twin, the vintage treasure hunters who rework items from the past right here in New York are setting up shop for a one day pop-up during brunch this Sunday, March 10th, downstairs in SoHo’s The Dalloway between noon and 5 pm. Come check out Vintage Twin’s wide array of one-of-a-kind vintage items for ladies, gents, and more! This Sunday Funday event is in honor of MS Awareness Week with 10% of the day’s proceeds going toward supporting The Pediatric MS Society. When you enjoy brunch upstairs at The Dalloway, we recommend their oysters and delicious bloodies, you will receive a $5 dollar coupon to shop downstairs at The Vintage Twin. If you want to build up your appetite, shop before you brunch. Show your Vintage Twin receipt and you’ll be given a brunch cocktail on the house.

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Summer's Fashion Anthem: Rue St. Vincent Jewels

Rue Saint Vincent is an inspiring summer collection one must feast their eyes upon. Fashion devotee and jewelry designer Thérèse Rosebelle Quiao is new to the market but a pro player in the industry. Her recently launched, once in a lifetime, dreamy collection consists of necklaces, rings, and even the occasional pair of cufflinks created from mixed metals and the combination of new and vintage wares. With an incredibly fitting name, Rue St. Vincent is on the fast track to becoming the new definition of inspiration without words. Thérèse Rosebelle Quiao has mastered the art of inspiring women with a simple piecNew Jerseye of “wearable art”. Read on to enjoy our interview with the crafty Rue Saint Vincent creator Thérèse Rosebelle Quiao.

Style We Love: Peony Lim

With a penchant for mixing vintage with new and combining unexpected colors, textures, and shapes for an ever-so-chic result, we are loving the style of the gorgeous Peony Lim!

Though you may not be familiar with the London-based stylist and blogger by name alone, if you have ever looked through street-style sites such as The Sartorialist, Citizen Couture, Vanessa Jackman or even, you have most certainly spotted Lim in one divine look after another.

If there’s one thing she is not, it’s afraid to take risks and stand out in a crowd!

Her polished yet slightly quirky aesthetic comes together as a culmination of sleek, structured shapes with a touch of fun, unexpected embellishments and a nod to old Hollywood glamour. To achieve a look similar to Lim’s, be sure to anchor your outfit with a tailored piece such as a sharp trouser, or a blazer or coat, and mix in vintage or vintage-inspired elements; the more colorful or furry the accoutrements, the better.

Pining for Peplum

One of the things we love most about fashion is that past styles and trends tend to recycle themselves for today's runways and red carpets! It's like fashion's way of saying 'you're welcome' to the global community... and the looks are always fresh, inspiring and flying off the racks!

'40s and '50s inspired garments came down the catwalks in droves this year and we couldn’t be more excited! One of the biggest styles that captivated the fashionable era was figure-flattering Dior design called peplum. Highlighting the curves on every beautiful woman, a well-tailored cinch waist flatters in all the right places and exudes femininity and grace!

Jill Stuart Talks Spring Trends and Vintage Fashions

I recently had the opportunity to chat with designer Jill Stuart. I've always been a true admirer of her designs, brand, and fashion sense. For some of you who may not know, Jill began working at the age of 15 designing jewelry which was sold at Bloomingdale's. I find her work ethic extremely inspirational. It's interesting how we can admire certain fashions created by a designer and then upon meeting the designer in person one can actually love their collections even more. At that point, everything comes together and becomes real.

The DIY Fringed Tee

Recently, something spotted everywhere from Nastygal to Topshop and H&M, has caught the attention of the Glam Damn It staff: fringed tees. It may be the dead of winter, but this fun, casual look already has us dreaming about the summer music festival circuit! The tops come in a variety of colors and shapes, but our favorite is the well-worn, vintage style with a cut around the garment at crop-top level. While the aforementioned stores have some great options, this style is also the perfect way to recycle some of your favorite old t-shirts that have reached their shelf life. Saving money and favorite articles of clothing? That's something we can all get behind. In fact, a fringed t-shirt D.I.Y. is so easy, even this extremely craft-challenged Glam Damn It writer found it fun! Read on for a step-by-step how to.

Stylizer: Movie Night for Fashion Lovers

Whether you were into kinderwhore or hypercolors, the 90’s were an exciting time in personal fashion. Not everything always made sense (ultra low rise jeans, anyone?) but it was certainly always interesting.

Naturally, the films produced during that time reflect this smorgasbord-aesthetic. Every girl remembers the first time they saw “Titanic” or “Clueless”. We remember sobbing with our friends at the end of “Cruel Intentions,” cheering on the protagonists of “Pretty Women” and “A League of Their Own,” and having our jaws drop during the adrenaline needle scene of “Pulp Fiction.” While these films are not exactly all Oscar-winners, they have stood the test of time in a different way. The reason it was so easy for us to jump right into the worlds of the characters was due to the flawless work of their costume designers.

L.A.'s Best Vintage Shops

Los Angeles, California is known for being laid-back, especially when it comes to fashion. The greatest part about this “anything goes” attitude is watching how the styles unfold on the streets. From crazy prints and over the top styling, to sweatpants for business meetings (although we definitely do not recommend the latter), the streets of Cali have become an everyday eclectic runway show. It’s no wonder LA has snagged the title of being the movie-making capital of the world. Old movie stars' dressing room castoffs? Yes, please! Thanks to all of the glamorous Hollywood wardrobes, LA has acquired (hands down) the best selection of vintage finds. There are a number of shops across town that encompass every decade, trend, and clothing style in every era you can imagine. Here is a list of the Joonbug’s favorite L.A. vintage hotspots as well as a few hidden gems.

L.A. Fashion Week Diary: Days 4-7

Style Fashion Week continued to impress us up until their very last night with an amazing closing show from Furne One. Shortly after, it was L.A. Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios, then an afterparty at Le Posh Salon, and finally ending this very busy (yet fabulous) week was the Missoni and Iman Walk of Style Awards presentation on Rodeo Drive.

The Moss Adams Fashion Innovator Award evening, featured a mini show for nine semi-finalists chosen by Fashion Business Inc. (FBI), which according to Moss Adams' Director of Apparel, Martin Hughs, "celebrate the innovative fashions of California." The award was taken home that evening by Nally & Millie.