Event Recap: Voyages Into the Unusual

Imagine how Alice felt as she fell down the rabbit's hole and maybe you will be able to comprehend what went on at Hendricks Gin's Voyages Into the Unusual. The event, which takes place every year in big cities across the country, makes its final stop in New York City. Words can scarcely describe what goes on during this booze-infused evening, filled with eccentricities you can hardly imagine. Drinks pushed into your hands through shelves lined with skulls, dancing flowers, hidden bars, and unique creatures are just some of the things you can expect to find on your voyage. As you imbibe your delicious Hendricks Gin cocktails and explore this unusual world, you might find yourself lucky enough to be grabbed by a small hand and led to a secret lair hidden beneath a giantess's skirt (you read that correctly). Inside you will find a punch bowl filled with 'Cucumber Blood' which will be served to you quickly before you get shooed back outside.