Drink for Sandy Relief

A month-later and many of us are still reeling from Hurricane Sandy after-math. And you can expect for relief and fundraising efforts to continue well into the New Year. The food and drinks community is one that has really come together to raise funds and show support for at-loss communities such as Red Hook, downtown NYC and East Village’s, Alphabet City.

Tonight, drink for relief at these 2 stellar, sipping friendly, charitable events.


Taking place at Chelsea haunt, The Tippler, donate just $10 and enjoy not only cocktails by a slew of boozy sponsors including Beefeater Gin, Appleton Estate Rum, Ilegal Mezcal and White Pike Whisky but also delight in live performances by Diane Birch, Maverick and Ice and a live auction by comedian, Brian McCarthy. Cocktails are an additional $10 and nibbles are also available for $10. The party is from 6 p.m. to midnight. And, 100% of the proceeds benefit NYC victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Kolo Klub is Hoboken's Newest Lounge

If you’re looking for an outsider’s perspective of the Manhattan’s skyline, we suggest crossing the river to Hoboken. From Andrej Ivanov and Ladislav Sebestyan comes Kolo Klub, Hoboken’s first craft-cocktail den on the second floor loft of Pilsener Haus.

Located in uptown Hoboken in a turn of the century building, the 4,000 sq. ft. rooftop lounge is only accessible via private elevator. The lounge features vaulted wooden ceilings and rows of windows that offer a scopious view of the Manhattan skyline. Guests will notice the unique logo, designed after the name of the bar itself, Kolo, being the Czech word for bicycle.

Winter Cocktails We Love: Ward III and The Darby

Let's face it Halloween weekend this year felt more like December than last week did. But the cold is slowly creeping in, and the warmest part of the day is right when the sun goes down. (ironic? we think not.) Let's make the warmest part of the day coincidentally be the same time as post work drinks (insert winking smiley face).

Let's say the weather is wreaking havoc outside and you can't wait for your flight to St. Barts (New Years, here we come). What to do? Stop by the infamous Darby and order up a 'Hemingway' will bring you to the Caribbean faster than that private airliner ever could in a few short weeks. This concoction of rum and other island themed juices will surely take you somewhere just under the mile high club.

Get Creative: NYC's Best Specialty Drink Bars

Going out in New York is always an experience in and of itself. It's only natural that amazing (sometimes unbelievable) things happen on nights out in the city that never sleeps. It's this unpredictable quality that assures us that going out in NY will never, ever, get boring. If you don't believe us, check out these bars where the lists of specialty cocktails are so rare and interesting, alcohol will never taste the same.

9 Doyers St # 1

New York, NY 10038

(212) 406-0400

217 E 3rd St (between Aves B and C) East Village

Bar Etiquette Instilled at Ward III

Ward III owners want to ensure the utmost best time and high quality experience for its patrons, while respecting the surrounding neighborhood. They have come up with a list of rules that reminds all of us of proper bar etiquette, just in case it may have temporarily slipped our minds. A drink or two can sometimes do that to you, but don’t play the blame game here, they’re serious.



Ward III and Pod Café Open

Word on the street is that Michael Neff of Macao Trading Co. will open his cocktail lounge, Ward III, on Thursday night. What’s so special about this bar opening? Well aside from serving standard cocktails, Ward III will also have mixologists on hand-sort of like a chef, but for alcoholics. This means you can refer to an assortment of your favorite spirits, fruits, mixers, and anything else you can think of, and the bartenders will mix up a custom cocktail to fit your needs.