Revenge of the Goose: National Pillow Fight Day

Once a year, a little slice of awesome unites the world in the vein of pillow warfare! The folks over at the “Urban Playground Movement” have heralded April 7th as “National Pillow Fight” day—cue the universal moan of pillows everywhere! The goose down will fly, merriment shall be had, childhood nostalgia shall return with a vengeance, and someone will most likely get unceremoniously clobbered by a renegade pillow to the dome.

Naturally, NYC has joined the fray, with Washington Square Park playing host to this breeding ground of bedtime glory! The festivities begin at 3pm sharp: so bring your weapon of choice (hopefully a durable, gargantuan pillow specimen), dress the part (vintage “onesies”, pj’s, or bunny attire), and get ready to rumble!

Like the taste of pillow to the face? Then don’t miss out on the zaniest pillow battle ever to descend upon our lovely city!

It's Flash Mob Time!

Shoppers better beware on Saturday December 17th at 2pm if they are in Washington Square Park. For those caught unaware, prepare for a show as spontaneous dance breaks out in the park. NYC Dance Arts is having a flash mob so make sure you don't miss it! You all might remember Modern Family's Mitchell breaking it down for Cam during a flash if you don't understand the concept check out the video below. Check out this webpage to take dance classes and participate in future flash mobs!

The Naked Apple: Get Your Weiner On

With Oktoberfest soon approaching I am beyond excited to take the love of my life, my wiener dog Oscar Ketchup (yes he has a middle name and yes it's a condiment), to the Fall Dachshund Festival. This Festival is held every year around the same time to commemorate the beginning of Oktoberfest as Dachshund's are originally from Germany and Waldi. A Dachshund was the Olympic Mascot for the 1972 summer Olympics in Munich and were a part of the annual Washington Square Folk Festival. You might think I'm absolutely bonkers, but believe it or not there are millions of people like myself who are obsessed with their wiener dogs. All around the country, in every major city they hold events like this. Held every spring in NYC, there is a wiener dog parade! And who hasn't heard of the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals, the National Championship of Wiener dog racing held in San Diego every December!!!?!