Five Easy DIY Costumes

Just three weeks away, Halloween is going to creep up on us any minute! If you're stuck in a rut and can't decide on a costume--have no fear! Below are five easy DIY costumes you can put together with stuff that's probably already in your closet!

1. PSY: Okay, so "Gangnam Style," went viral via YouTube and frontman, Psy, is a fun appraoch to a Halloween costume DIY! This should be a big one this year for guys or girls! All you need is a baby blue blazer, a black bowtie, and black shades! The hardest part of this costume will probabaly be the dance you'll have to learn to go with it!

Which Las Vegas Staple Are You?

Having a little mid-week crisis? Let us help! Just take this short quiz to figure out exactly who you are -- in relation to Las Vegas celebrities, that is.

So say goodbye to your current identity emergency, and say hello to the four most important questions of your life!

(Ok, so that last part might have been a little over the top, but you get the point. Enjoy!)

1. How do you pick up someone of the opposite sex?

A. A coy smile, enticing laughter, and some sexy dance moves if all else fails

B. I'd just ask them on a date. Simple and direct.

C. Lock eyes from across the room and slowly approach, making sure to maintain the eye contact. Then, I'd just ask if I could buy them a drink. It's classic, and classic never goes out of style.

Las Vegas: Coming to a Television Near You

While CSI and Criss Angel Mindfreak are still going strong (one obviously more so than the other), there hasn't been a good new show based out of Las Vegas in a while. Las Vegas ended two years ago. Top Chef was great and all, but everyone knew that wasn't going to last. Pawn Stars is generating some good buzz, but is that it? Think of all the excess of shows based out of LA, New York. I mean, hell-even Chicago got The Good Wife this year!