One-on-One with Rob Aloia

It’s pretty apparent that the New York City art scene has been recently undergoing a metamorphosis. Galleries are occupying record amounts of NYC real estate, the food industry’s revival has piquéd public interest in culinary arts and on any given night you can catch hundreds of independent musical acts across the city for free. Everyone seems to be exploring art in its myriad forms.

Robert Aloia, founder of 2ft12in, a crew dedicated to curating multimedia art shows throughout NYC, is one of the visionaries behind this revolution. 2ft12in’s mission, “[is] to preserve the New York I grew up in, to create and celebrate art that uses NYC as a Muse” 2ft12in’s breakthrough exhibitions Paths of Rhythm and Outlaw saw Aloia forging new channels of expression for a class of often overlooked artists while maintaining the essence of New York’s rich artistic history visible in the shows’ thematic.

Painting the Night Blue with Haiti Cultural Exchange

If you may recall from our post, Art, Culture and Fun: The Haitian Way, the end of June would witness a party unlike any the isle of Manhattan has experienced. Last week we gathered with other supporters and fans of the organization, Haiti Cultural Exchange, at the Gild Hall of the Thompson Hotel to celebrate the organization and its fabulous team. The night was themed "Indigo Blue" and guests donned their best blue duds to drink, eat, and dance the night away.

Royal Sapien at Littlefield

Tomorrow night at an art space known as Littlefied, NYC DJ Royal Sapien will be hosting a dance party to celebrate his birthday. As some of you may know by now, we absolutely live for a good dance party and this one is a can't-miss. According to the official invite on Littlefield's website, Sapien hasn't hosted a fete in years and is breaking this fast with a three-hour set. So, basically anyone who is looking for an event that will not allow them to stay still needs to venture to this quaint space in the Park Slope-Gowanus area of Brooklyn.

The Neptunes vs. Timbaland: The Perfect Summer Kickoff

Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial beginning of summer. With events taking place all over the city, the average New Yorker is bombarded with a milieu of free barbeques, rooftop soirees, and dance parties. I, having never taken part of what the city has to offer during this holiday weekend, decided to go out on a limb and attend a dance party hosted by DJ Brainchild at a tiny bar and lounge: Open House.

The dance party was themed as a Neptunes vs. Timbaland bash. Timbaland and the Neptunes are some of the finest hip hop/pop/dance music producers that have emerged from Virginia in the last 15-20 years. The party started promptly at 10 pm, as scheduled, and soon became a sweaty, fun-filled fete reminiscent of Britney Spears' "Slave 4 U" video (which was one of the songs that had the crowd begging for more). By 1:00 am, the atmosphere of the lounge became nothing short of hedonistic-dance-fun with people dancing in front of the DJ stand -- on the seats. Respected rapper, Phonte, mad an appearance to much of the crowd's delight.

Internet Week: Celebrating Cyberspace In Style

If you've been on the New York City nightlife scene for a while, you'll know that every other week is dedicated to celebrating something mundane yet special that affects our everyday lives. Alas, this week is no different as it is Internet Week. This celebration of everything media has been in existence since 2008, as a city wide festival that hosts an array of events honoring different areas of the web and the digital world.

The first event I attended was a laid back yet event at the W Hotel in Times Square for an exhibit celebrating Instagram photos. Yes, that free photography app that IPhone and Android users were arguing about a few weeks ago on Twitter. And although, the displayed photos failed to be the highlight of the night (the complimentary drinks were, especially a fruity-flavored one: Lo-Fi, and a 6 foot drag queen who wore a dress made out of Instagram pictures and a purse constructed with used metrocards), it was a nice kick-off for the celebratory week.

Cinco De Mayo: Bar Crawling in the City of Brotherly Love

Are you there? Are you in Philadelphia? Look around. Do you see pretzels? Cheese steaks? Before anything, get two of each, in each hand. Find a bench, and wallow in your surroundings. You’re in the birthplace of the United States of America, the City of Brotherly Love, go lick the Liberty Bell!

Philly bar crawls are high spirited adventures through a nearly pocket-sized city where cityscapes change at every corner and new options present themselves with every passing doorway.

Prepping you and your crew for a city-wide spree requires some general planning, but fear not, we’ve assembled a detailed cheat sheet to look over before you jump on your fixed gears or pile in a cab.

Greenhouse Parties Naturally

It’s easy to forget that we share this planet with so many other people. Too often we act selfishly, hoarding over land, possessions, and money that we never realize how much we take from the Earth and never give back. Being eco-friendly requires some sacrifices but here, in New York, partying will not be surrendered.

Last Week, one of the City’s only, and most popular eco-friendly nightclubs, Greenhouse, helped celebrate Earth Week by hosting their “Greenhouse Gives Back” campaign. Each night from April 16th to the 22nd, proceeds were given to Global Green, Cans for a Cure, Prospect Park Alliance, American Cancer Society, Riverkeeper, Green Festival, and Plant a Billion Trees, each an environmental or health-based charity.

Boston Brews: The Best Beer Bars in Beantown

Some say “beer ain’t drinkin’” and to that, Boston has several responses. Home to the iconic fictionalized bar Cheers, this city has carries the New England shaped torch for beer selection and atmospheric excellence.

While sipping on wine is a platitudinous pastime, and choosing cheap beers just to fast track it to party mode can turn dull real fast, there are hundreds of styles of beers that turn your bar stool into the front row seat of an action thriller starring your taste buds. In Boston, having the best selection is what brings beer drinkers in from the chilling streets. Here’s a look at the best Bean Town watering hole options to try out.

Cheap Thrills: This Week's Open Bars

What better to get you out into the spring air than a little curiosity and free alcohol? Open bars are the Pandora’s Box of New York City. You never know if you’re going to come across some foreign art exhibit or new tequila launch party, and why not let that devilish grin take over while you keep your cash in your pocket and get away with a few free drinks to kick off the evening. This week there are plenty of open bar specials to take advantage of.

Thursday, April 19th

921 Broadway at Melrose, Bushwick.

Trivia & Spelling Ordeal Hosted by Fly Biosphere.

5 Watery Ways to Escape the Concrete

With warm weather looming, the temperature will be 100+ degrees in no time and you'll be scratching for an escape. New York City may not be your first idea of a shore town, but that doesn’t mean the Capital of the World is without some fine water-related activities. Enjoying the water goes beyond taking in the sun with a trashy beach novel and doggy paddling through the shallow end of the pool. Take a look at these aqua-filled activities available for everyone to enjoy.

Own a kayak? Renting a canoe or jet ski? Explore the City’s perimeter with over 160 square miles of connecting waterways throughout the five boroughs. All it takes is a $15 permit to access the various boat launches. Tip: whatever you do, don't let any of that fine tire-infused, shoe-ridden, Hudson River water enter your mouth!