Where's My F*cking Polling Place

Surely some witty webineer in a back office f*cking typing and coding away came up with this site: At the very least, it's a fun, funny, snarky way to figure out where you're supposed to vote. Let's face it, with all the frustration over the absolute clusterf*ck of trying to find out where you’re supposed to cast your ballot today, it’s good to know that at least one website has your back. Just type your address into and it will tell you where the f*ck you are supposed to go and if you've been living under a rock, who you can f*cking vote for.

Happy F*cking Voting!!

Believe Entertainment Group to Launch Digital EDM Series
EpicEDM is set to premiere later this year, so make sure you take a break from flipping through Meowingtons' pictures to check out the next big thing in the digital EDM world.

The best part is that the video (and sound if you choose) switches between cameras during the songs, to give you multiple perspectives of the same concert. That might just give you a better view of the concert than if you were actually there.

The ‘Unbaby Me’ Chrome Add-on

Fulfilling your daily dose of weird things from the internet, we bring you It’s a Google Chrome extension that works with your Facebook to filter a very specific thing: babies. More specifically, it filters out babies from your Facebook feed and replaces them with things the extension finds cooler. What’s cooler than babies? It seems it’s kittens, bacon, puppies, robots, tattoos and possibly Nutella.

Maybe the pressure’s on from relatives to start a family, maybe your friends just had a baby and that means at least 100 pictures of said baby per day clogging your Facebook feed, or maybe babies just gross you out for some reason. The internet has your solution, and while a filter for constant Instagram updates, pictures of food, or really bad memes might have been a bigger hit, it’s a solution for constant baby updates. The extension seems to have a collection of really popular images on the internet that immediately swap out image updates that have key words, including “so adorable”, “precious”, and of course, “baby”. It’s the brain child of Yvonne Cheng, Chris Baker and Pete Marqui, each New Yorkers who were apparently sick of baby updates from friends.

Celebrities Photoshopped into Everyday People

It’s been a rough week all around and we here at Joonbug like nothing more than to send our readers off with a smile and hopefully a laugh or two. Sit tight, scamps, because once again someone fooling around with Photoshop has produced something pretty golden. New York City based artist Danny Evans has started a project called Planet Hiltron. Rather than use his apparently immense Photoshop skills to improve the looks of celebrities even more, he’s carefully giving them what he calls a “make under”.

Pintester: Testing Pinterest Projects So You Don't Have To

Pinterest: It’s a lot like Tumblr except with a working search tool. The site made its debut a few months back after a trial period in super secret invite-only beta mode, to the glee of everyone who loves a kitschy new social networking site. The shiny new site is almost literally like a candy store. It’s chock full of hi-res, well-framed pictures of just about anything you could want and then some. That is to say: it’s mostly food, cats, butts, and really really attractive people to go with the butts. Among the food and butts, however, is an amazing resource for creating your own delicious food and shaping your own butt. Pinterest is crammed with recipes, craft projects, and general life tips.

[VIDEO] Conversing With Your Future Self

Given the opportunity, most of us would go back in time to have a chat with our younger selves. You’re never too young or too old to want to go back, warn yourself about things to come or tell yourself that things get better. Most of us might want to go back and stop our teen selves from making disastrous fashion choices, romantic choices, or picking careers that don’t exactly net us millions. We’re human, though, and our entire lives are full of moments we wish someone who understood us well was there to talk to.

Jeremiah McDonald, at 12, understood himself better than anyone. The soon-to-be actor and comedian left himself a message in the form of an open-ended conversation on tape, with a stern warning that it was only to be played by him in the future. He asks his future self questions we might ask ourselves. He wants to know if he still loves his favorite show (Doctor Who), how things panned out for him, and about his passions like drawing. Jeremiah McDonald, as it turns out, is a pretty charming little kid. He’s funny and weird in a way that reminds us a lot of ourselves when swept up in the things we like.

[VIDEO] Star Wars That I Used To Know Gotye Parody

We know, Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” is everywhere. It’s on the radio, TV, and on rotation in just about every hip clothing store’s music playlist. The internet’s no help. There are Gotye parodies lurking around just about every corner. Some are great and some are...Well, we’ve gone through a lot of parodies to bring you the one featured today, and we have suffered for it. Let’s face it, the song is relatable and really catchy.

Prominent DC Comics Character to Come Out of the Closet

It’s clear from all the buzz The Avengers and The Dark Knight have generated that comic book characters are still a pretty huge aspect of our culture, and for good reason! We’ve always needed heroes and there may not be a time that we won’t. The comic book universe has given us something we can’t find anywhere else. Its long history has given us heroes with every power we can imagine and just about any story we could want. It’s a strange and great combination of writing and illustration that’s an art all while largely not being considered one. Comics are still, by and large, considered for kids, despite years and years of movie success and a demographic switch aimed at adult white males. People of every age and gender walked out of The Avenger with a favorite hero, and that was only a team of 5.

Mayor Bloomberg Unveils 'Made in NY' Digital Jobs Map at IWNY

For anyone not in the know, this week is a big one for the digital world. New Yorkers are taking part in the annual Internet Week New York City. It’s a week for unveiling new tech, for awesome new internet businesses to get some exposure, and to explore what just might be in the internet’s future. Since the internet is an entire world of possibility, the event is a great mix of just about everything. From memes, to fashion, to food, the week is like a convention for just about every interest, focused, of course, on the internet.

A major unveil that took place yesterday, however, was not about fun and games. It was the unveiling of a seriously useful and downright necessary tool. Mayor Bloomberg, Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne and Internet Week New York Chairman David-Michel Davies joined many to announce the creation of Made in NY, a digital map that already charts hundreds of the city’s internet companies and the jobs they are currently offering. The site itself states: