One-on-One with Rob Aloia

It’s pretty apparent that the New York City art scene has been recently undergoing a metamorphosis. Galleries are occupying record amounts of NYC real estate, the food industry’s revival has piquéd public interest in culinary arts and on any given night you can catch hundreds of independent musical acts across the city for free. Everyone seems to be exploring art in its myriad forms.

Robert Aloia, founder of 2ft12in, a crew dedicated to curating multimedia art shows throughout NYC, is one of the visionaries behind this revolution. 2ft12in’s mission, “[is] to preserve the New York I grew up in, to create and celebrate art that uses NYC as a Muse” 2ft12in’s breakthrough exhibitions Paths of Rhythm and Outlaw saw Aloia forging new channels of expression for a class of often overlooked artists while maintaining the essence of New York’s rich artistic history visible in the shows’ thematic.