Whoopie Pie Recipe from Top Chef Contestant Marisa Churchill

Marisa Churchill, a former contestant on Top Chef, loves to put healthy spins on scrumptious classics. Her cookbook, Sweet & Skinny ($24), is all about healthier ways to make your favorite desserts. So far, Marisa has shared with us her recipe for PB&J Cookies and Almond Joy Macaroons. This week, we learn how to whip up some good ol' Whoopie Pies!

New York's Mobile Bake-Shop

Thanks to husband and wife owners Grant Di Mille and Samira Mahboubian, Sweetery's truck wielding freshly made European-inspired pastries, quiches, whoopie pies and brioches is never too far away and is always worth the trip.

Joonbug recently had the chance to sit down with the founders of this ambitious and delicious company.

What's your best-selling item?

Samira: Our "macarellas" and whoopie pies. The macarellas are coconut macaroons filled with nutella. Since we use nutella to fill croissants, we decided to flatten out our cookies, bake them and sandwich them with nutella.