Spice Up Your Party With Spiced Baked Brie

Everyone likes a good wine and cheese party, but how are you going to make yours stand above the rest? Joonbug is here to provide you with fool-proof recipes that will be sure to make your party the talk of tastebud town. Picture this scene: your guests are entering your home, enticed by the smells of cinnamon, fruits, and freshly baked dough. We guarantee that that is exactly what will happen if you follow this easy recipe for baked brie which is sure to capture the hearts of your family and friends. Not only is baked brie more than easy to make -- wrap up some brie and fruit spread in puff pastry, bake it off, and enjoy--but also, you can take it to the next level by making just a few additions.

Attention NYC: Cognac Tasting Tomorrow

Nicolas Palazzi of PM Spirits, who specializes in sourcing rare spirits, will be leading a tasting of Pineau des Charentes and Cognac with specially paired cheeses tomorrow, March 29th from 6:30-8:30pm. Nicolas was born to a family of winemakers in Bordeaux. He learned the art and science of Cognac under the tutelage of his grandfather's best friend, whose family started distilling around 1702.

During the event, Nicolas will guide you through a tasting of old Pineau des Charentes, a combination of Cognac and unfermented grape must (both red & white). These Pineaux are harvested by hand and some are made with six year old cognac and are bottled only when the right proof is achieved naturally. These libations will be paired each with a different cheese, selected carefully by artisan organic cheese importer, Seymour Pond of Pondini. Next, Nicolas will take you through some of the best cognacs and explain the distillation process and how different styles are created. All of the cognacs will also be paired with specially selected cheeses. What's on tap for the evening? Check out exactly what will be served below: