The Weekly Party Watch

Frenetically we race against clocks: clocks demarcating time, deadlines, and necessary markers in our existence. Nothing reaffirms this more than the construct of the “work week." Battling the exasperation, disillusion, and general listlessness inherited by the “Americana Proletarian Dream”—one must salvage sanity when they can. One must make a concentrated effort to forcibly infuse joviality into the miasma of the week. Every day the options are ripe with enticing avenues for exploration and cultural growth—one need merely seize desire and reroute the inevitable doldrums towards more sunny horizons.

Now Open: A Look Inside Contorno

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Koreatown lies a hidden Italian gem tucked away inside of the new boutique Holiday Inn on West 31st St. This hidden gem is called Contorno and it boasts an amazing wine selection straight from Italy (and other international selections). First time owner and restauranteur, Andrew Impagliazzo, opened up this joint to mimic his Italian style family dinners with Italian tapas style dishes paired with fine wine. Enjoy treats from Chef David Buico, who was brought on board the Impagliazzo family train to create dishes on par with the family's vision. He uses ingredients only from small local purveyors and avoids heavy sauces and cheeses. Also working at this sure-to-be new hotspot is veteran sommelier and general manager Marta Cisneros, who has trained the staff on how to pair wines with the chef's dishes.