All Access Pass: Wolfgang Gartner at Pacha

Any given weekend at Pacha is one full of surprise; excited crowds fill the spaces between the venue’s walls as world renowned DJ’s take over and execute electrifying sets. And this past Friday night, March 7th, was there was Wolfgang Gartner took over.

New York City might have been in a deep freeze on Friday, but as the "Wolf" took over 46th street, his adorning and loyal fans braved the frigid temps and came in droves to dance the night away. And boy were there many! As soon as we walked into Pacha we were met with massive crowds of excited fans dancing their hearts out. Then, with Gartner’s set already in full swing, calling out names, we joined the enthusiastic fans on the dance floor. And since Pacha's stage is conveniently located in the middle of the venue, everyone had the best seats in the house!

Event Preview: Wolfgang Gartner at Pacha

Move over Wolf of Wall Street, there's a new "wolf" in town and he's taking overPacha this Friday!

Wolfgang Gartner has traveled the world, playing at Creamfields, Ultra Music Fest, Coachella and more! He has produced countless tracks that have stayed #1 on the Beatport charts time and time again. Now, with such hits as "Anaconda", "Overdose (feat. Medina)", "Hounds of Hell (with Tommy Trash)" and "Piranha", The Wolf is ready to give you one hell of a night this Friday! Make sure to grab your friends and head to Pacha and bring your dancing shoes!

When: Friday, March 7th, 10pm
Event Preview: Wolfgang Gartner at The Mid

Grammy-nominated Wolfgang Gartner is someone no electro-house fan should miss. He’s worked with Deadmau5 and Skrillex, and his music’s been featured on a host of TV shows including Teen Wolf and Arrow. For those who remain unconvinced, there’s Chicago-born House DJ Nathan Scott, and DJ Gus Kara playing in the Century Room.

Watch Out For Popeska And His Upcoming 'Spirit Animals' Series

20 year old Ralf Popescu goes by the name of Popeska when he's producing his latest music. He has his humble beginnings at his college dorm room in Georgia Tech, where he uploaded tracks to SoundCloud as a hobby. Soon after, he became the first artist to be signed to Wolfgang Gartner's Kindergarten Records and now he's coming out with his 'Spirit Animals' concept series starting February 18th.

Popeska's new series features three visually majestic animals that are representative of his three new tracks. The first single of the three will be his collaboration with Denny White on 'Heart of Glass,' an indie/pop driven track with underlying electro dance elements.

Down Under with Bass Kleph

Fresh off of his opening set on the Hounds of Hell Tour which stopped by the District of Columbia this past Saturday, Aussie-born Stuart Tyson, aka Bass Kleph, gave us a history lesson on how a drummer fell in love with dance music and decided to drop the bass in our faces. He put us in a time machine; back to his:


I’m from Australia and I got into music really young; at about 8 years old I started playing drums and loved it. It actually got to the point where I played in a few bands…by the time I was about 16 I got into a band that was going really well for me; we actually got picked up by a major label. I was a rock drummer and that was my full time job and interesting to do while I was trying to finish my high school diploma and everything. But, half way through that I discovered dance music and I heard some stuff and was like “wow”; there was something about it. We had just recorded our album as the band and when you go in there the first time, you record just the drums first. Then afterwards it’s the bass and then a few days later, everything else. So the first couple of days are all about me, it’s awesome, you know the drums sound amazing and everyone’s attention is on you, making sure your instrument sounds the best. So I got really psyched for the record. Each day they put more and more on there and the drums get quieter and quieter and pushed further into the background; so I was like “aww man”. And I hear dance music where the drums are really loud and right at the front, so straight away I’m like “this is my shit, I love this. I want to know more about it and I want to learn how to write it and I want to share it with my friends”. So I started trying to learn how to write it. There was no YouTube back then; you couldn’t look up a tutorial; this was around ’99. I’d DJ at friends’ house parties, just to go “Oh my God you’ve got to hear this music, it’s amazing”. The band broke up about a year or two later and I was like “do I find another band or maybe I should keep following this dance music stuff. And I kind of decided to do it and I love it. I sold my drums, singles, cases; all my equipment, bought my studio equipment and wrapped up some demos and just went hard. Getting my music out there and DJing everywhere and now this shit’s taken me all over the world. Now I get to live in Hollywood and DJ in random places like Russia and Kazakhstan; all over Asia and yeah. It’s awesome!

DC Weekend Roundup: October 17-19 2013

Thursday, October 17

UK mastermind, Hot Since 82, lands this Thursday night for the DC stop of his Little Black Book Tour. Flash will be home to the concert, that will bring slick house tunes and good vibes to concertgoers. Don't miss your chance to see one of the UK's hottest producer/DJ's live.Show begins at 9:00pm. Tickets are available here. $8

Friday, October 18

Dubstep maven, Rusko, stops in Silver Spring for the Maryland stop of his Lift Off Tour this Friday night. The event, taking place at The Fillmore Silver Spring, will bring along Roni Size and Dynamite MC as support for what will be a great night for dubstep fans. The show begins at 8pm Tickets are available here. - $35

Tommy Trash and Wolfgang Gartner Release New Collaboration, 'Hounds of Hell'

Wolfgang Gartner and Tommy Trash’s Hounds of Hell tour begins in less than 10 days at the Palladium in Los Angeles, and it will travel across the US, plus Canada, until the beginning of November. Conveniently enough, they’ve got a gigantic collaboration in store for fans, which is also called “Hounds of Hell.” The track was produced on Kindergarten Records and can be purchased through Beatport on September 24th. If you listen to Tommy Trash and Wolfgang Gartner individually, it’s easy to decipher which parts of the track are solely Tommy, and others that are purely Wolfgang. They both brought a piece of their sound into this production and the final result was a massive electro house track that will resonate from one side of the country to the other. Tickets to the Hounds of Hell tour can be purchased here.

Made In America Festival This Weekend!

The Made In America Festival will be taking over Philly this Labor Day weekend for its second year! The festival, sponsored by Budweiser and founded by Jay Z, is set to show up with a wide range of artists.

The line up consists of big stars and new acts alike, but when it comes to genre, there is no doubt that you can get them all. Dance your heart out with EDM artist such as Deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner, Calvin Harris, and Nero. You'll be getting your soulfull R&B through Beyonce and Miguel. You can rock out with Nine Inch Nails, Queen of the Stone Age, The Gaslight Anthem, and Phoenix. And of course, there's going to be a good amount of Hip Hop artists: 2 Chainz, A$AP Mob, Public Enemy, Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore, and Wiz Khalifa. These are just a couple of the artists that will be showing up. Although Jay Z is not on the line up, don't be surprised if he stops by for a guest appearance.

Interview: Wolfgang Gartner

On Wednesday, August 14th, Wolfgang Gartner performed at Roseland Ballroom for what you could call Budweiser’s “pregame” to the main event: Made in America. Fans of Gartner’s sets for ages, we wanted to speak with him one-on-one about some of the current issues within dance music. Not only was he very nice in person, but he also provided some of the most informative answers Joonbug has seen in our interviews. Wolfgang has opinions, and we wanted to hear his thoughts while giving him an outlet to speak his mind so that readers can get a better idea of where he is coming from. He was completely honest with his responses, and you might find that much of what he said is, sadly, true. But there’s no reason to worry, because artists like Wolfgang, Deadmau5, and Porter Robinson have new albums in the works that may end up saving dance music.

Adventure Club Splashed Gainesville At Life In Color

Riding the happiness high, Adventure Club raced onto the stage. Comprised of Montreal natives Christian Srigley and Leighton James, the duo is known for its unique sound of pairing bassy beats with ethereal vocals. Adventure Club launched into the set with their hit single “Wait” and the crowd sang along with smiles plastered across their faces.

Life in Color tested out the dubstep waters last Friday and we should all give the company respect for being innovative and trying something new. It’s vital that concert production firms continue to take risks like throwing a less-known but certainly rage-worthy act on stage or hosting a paint party that leaves attendees soaked but smiling. If we want to see this scene thrive and progress forward, we need to stop grabbing at household names and start embracing new sounds. Well done Life in Color, well done.