Top 20 Music Videos Of 2013

2013 saw thousands of music video’s released, some traditional, some abstract, and some short-film, and with many lists selecting video’s based on views and chart position, we ignore all that and select our Top 20 based on quality. Joonbug’s list mixes genres and exposes some of the best video’s that have gone under the radar, along with the undeniable clips of the year. Check out our list below, and see if you enjoy them as much as we did.

The video for the first single from the second Blood Orange album, makes the list not so much for its technical prowess, but more for the story within the video. Dev Hynes’ took a trip to Guyana to meet his grandfather for the first time, and the meeting was encapsulated in the minimal clip. Dev’s dance moves within the video also make the clip likeable, and would set up what would be a great year musically for him.

Event Review: Woodkid @ Webster Hall 10/15

We could sit here and give you a ‘concert’ review, but it would be an immense disservice to Yoann Lemoine, a/k/a/ Woodkid, who gives you so much more than just a concert. Seeing Woodkid live is essentially joining the genius artist on an odyssey, and seeing, hearing and feeling everything that he does. Integrating his trademark visual arts brilliance into his musical set, joined with live drummers and brass instruments, the experience is enthralling and keeps hold of you until the lights in the room come back on.

Yoann Lemoine’s talents know no bounds, and his vocal performance is as perfect as his presentation. Performing songs off of his album ‘The Golden Age,’ the live sound mirrored the quality of the studio recorded tracks, and the level of energy Lemoine displayed for the duration of the show was breathtaking. Addressing his joy to finally be performing in New York City, the recent Williamsburg implant noted Hurricane Sandy as the cause of his delay. The sold-out crowd was clearly ready to see Woodkid, as lines were around the corner to get in, with many people hoping to get a ticket being turned away at the door.


Yoann Lemoine is a French musician, songwriter, director, and photographer who is more widely recognized under the alias of Woodkid. In addition to his alternative music career, he also dabbles in directing, where he's been overwhelmingly successful. Woodkid was even nominated for MTV Video Music Awards for his work on videos for Drake, Lana Del Rey, and Rihanna.

His impressive track-record of artists whose songs have had his unique cinematic touch include Yelle- Ce Jeu (2008), Moby- Mistake (2009), Aides- Graffiti Commercial (2010), Katy Perry- Teenage Dream (2010), Mystery Jets- Dreaming of Another World (2010), The Shoes- Wastin’ Time (2011), and Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die (2011) and Blue Jeans (2012).

Social Media and Art Expand Indie Artist's Audience

It’s not everyday that you get to see the large-scale expansion of a music career via a piece of art that’s racking up double-takes all over Tumblr. The piece of art seen left is a surrealist portrait of acclaimed video director, Yoann Lemoine.

His name may sound familiar when you consider the production company that he keeps. Hype Williams and David LaChapelle are always handy producers to have on set when you’re producing your films/music videos. But it shouldn’t be hard for him considering he’s directed the music videos for Katy Perry’s “Teenage Draeam,” Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” and the Mystery Jets’ “Dreaming of Another World.” With that much artistic swag on his résumé, it’s hard to imagine that he would need to do much if he wanted to switch from directing the videos for the music to actually composing the music himself.