Album Review: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, "Oddments"

It feels almost like yesterday that our imaginations were running wild with scenes from Alice and Wonderland as King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard’s latest release played harmoniously in the background. The band has become notorious for releasing four mind-bogglingly good full-length albums within the past two years alone, and many wondered if they could keep this pace up.

Wonder (land) no more.

Oddments is ripe with multilayered, kaleidoscopic sounds, thanks to a myriad of instruments and the adroit musicians that sculpt the vibe. KGATLW masters chaotic arrangements while managing to sound like a collection of bands on each track.

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Front Stage Pass

The year was 1967 when the world saw its first music festival. It was The Monterey International Pop Music Festival that took place over three days on June 16-18 in Monterey, California. The fest has become known as the first major American appearance of Jimi Hendrix and The Who. It put Janis Joplin on the map in the rock world and saw Otis Redding perform and break traditions. Monterey would shape the mold for future music festivals such as Woodstock in 1969 and every other music festival to come after. It's been years in the making, but the music festival continues to be ever evolving.

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Woodstock 40th Anniversary Concert is Cancelled

About 40 years ago, nestled on a farm in upstate New York, four men had the idea to bring thousands of people together for “3 Days of Peace and Music.” Genius. Woodstock emanated the hippie free love movement of the 1960s. Unfortunately now people do not share the same ideals.

Michael Lang, one of the four partners to stage Woodstock in 1969, was planning to hold a free Woodstock 40th Anniversary concert in August. He then moved it to September in concurrence with Climate Week, but now he is terminating the whole thing. The reason for the cancellation is, “Money. No Sponsors,” Lang told Rollingstone. Of course, thank you economy.

New Exhibit in Honor of Woodstock Anniversary

For the 40th anniversary of Woodstock Music and Arts Fair, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will display a new exhibit that will showcase numerous items from the historic musical event that hosted artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, The Grateful Dead and Joan Baez.

Richie Havens to headline Woodstook. Again.

Every time I hear about the famous “Woodstock”, I’m reminded that I wasn’t around for the one of the best concerts ever. The hippie love, the funny-smelling-tobacco and tie die shirts from 1969, all leave me so envious. However, luckily for my generation, Woodstock has anniversaries shows periodically.

Much like he did forty years ago, Richie Havens will be the act to christen this year’s 40th Anniversary event. It will be held at the original site in Bethel, N.Y. Just think about those old clips of Woodstock and realize all those free-spirits are grandparents now. So don’t feel bad about having your fun.