Expert Healthy Living Tips for Summer

Meet Lauren Schmitt, is a nutritionist and certified personal trainer, who owns her own company, Healthy Eating & Living, Inc. She has worked with individuals to achieve a healthier lifestyle and has also created numerous corporate wellness programs. In her business, she coaches people to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle through eating right and exercising. She is currently the on-site nutritionist at Sony Pictures Entertainment and Dreamworks Animation. She has ongoing projects with the WB and is a part of many disordered outpatient teams in Los Angeles. Joonbug had the chance to chat with this health guru and got some helpful tips and advice to looking your best during this sweltering summer.

Get That Body: Steal Your Favorite Celeb’s Workout Routine

It's a celebrity’s job to look good and while we don't have that kind of pressure, it's still nice when we try. We all know that celebrities have access to the best trainers and gyms around- it’s no secret. Though we can’t get you (our ourselves for that matter) in with Jillian Michaels, we can give you some pointers on how to cop the moves that get your favorite stars looking so good!

Jennifer Aniston’s All-Over Firm Body

Jennifer Aniston has one of the best bodies in Hollywood—even at 43 years old! She credits her all-over toned look to yoga where she practices with trainer Mark Blanchard. Yoga is a fantastic workout with perks like strengthening and toning as well as promoting relaxation. If you are in need of balancing the mind and body while getting a sweat in, try Vinyasa or Bikram and you will be surprised as to what results you can achieve.

Ab-solutely Stylish Workout Wear

Stella McCartney for Adidas' Procera Ballerina Shoes are perfect post work out footwear. Modeled after the classic ballet flat, the sporty shoes made of nylon and mesh allow your feet to breathe while an added Agion anti-microbial treatment prevents bacteria from growing. Plus for the days you're not in the gym, pair em' with your favorite jeans for a comfy and chic look.

Lululemon Chasse Tights are made from Lululemon's signature fabric and boast moisture wicking so you're not left drenched in sweat. Their snug fit ruched waistband make them flattering on any figure. To top it off, the sewn in gusset allows for greater freedom of movement and keeps fabric from bunching in uncomfortable areas. (Ahem..good-bye Camel-toe!)

Get Fit: At Your Desk!

Ever find yourself walking by a co-workers office and their doing push- ups? No, probably not. I have and it is quite the sight. The crashing moment at the peak of the afternoon during or after lunch can be miserable. I found a co-worker doing push-ups only to help wake themselves up. Interesting isn't it? Yes, well here are a few exercises for you to do at your desk when your head is about to slam on on it! Caution: You may look silly, but that's quite alright!

Pump It : Make sure you are sitting all the way back (to prevent back pain). Raise both your arms and start raising the roof. Push up slowly, come down fast. Repeat this for 5 minutes, you'll feel the burn.

The Kama Movement

Kama is the new women-only workout movement seducing the nation. A combination of Yoga, Pilates and sensual dance, this workout targets and tones your pelvic core including common female fat zones; the lower abs, hips, butt and thighs. It also works your internal muscles used for sexual pleasure and childbirth.

Kama was co-created in 2009 by dancer and runner-up Miss Canada, Halyna Skrypnyk and physician/author/fitness enthusiast, Dr. Melissa Hershberg, creator of the Hershberg Diet and the Rebel Diet.

There are two different kinds of Kama classes. Kama Sensual™, a slow yet intense workout where the mood is set with dim light and soft music. Kama Cardio™ is a high-energy, dynamic, dance-based workout that will get your heart pumping. KAMA Sensual™ group classes are currently offered at several Crunch Gym locations and a DVD series is in production.

Be Strong & Stylish To Your Core

So you’ve outfitted yourself in Lululemon or Stella McCartney's Adidas line to get your chic fix at the gym. But what about that regular old duffel bag you’re carrying around? It simply won’t do. Besides, haven’t you spent enough mornings battling with lotion-covered dresses and jewelry tangles?