Exclusive Q&A with Chef Seth Levine

After being a contestant on Fox's hit reality series Hell's Kitchen in 2007, Chef Seth Levine has been taking the culinary world by storm. Levine has steadily compiled an impressive résumé, which runs the gamut from taking the role as executive chef for both Georgica and Wine and Roses in New York, opening POP YOGURT- one of the hottest frozen yogurt shops in Manhattan, and becoming a contributing editor to the internationally-distributed FOOD Magazine.

Mixing Art, Food And Drink With Life

San Francisco's Asian Art Museum hosted another successful MATCHA event entitled "Drunken Dish" on the 19th. The evening of art, music, drinks, and culinary pleasures featured Shanghai's gastronomic repertoire of dishes where food is dressed in wine. The starring chefs were Chef Nei Chia Ji of San Francisco's Jai Yun and Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook. If this event foreshadows anything to come from the inner workings of the Asian Art Museum, then foodies and art connoisseurs alike are in for a great surprise of collaboration!