NYY Steak is a Home-Run on April 7th

On Monday, April 7th, the Yankees will face the Baltimore Orioles, but for those who can't make the trek up to the Bronx to see the game in person, NYY Steak is giving an extraordinary viewing experience from midtown.

For those who come to watch the game, you can get the $27 Championship Plate (27, the number of World Series the Yankees have won, features prominently in all of the deals), which features a 27 ounce steak, a drink of your choice, and two free Yankee tickets to a home game. In addition, there will be faux-hawkers walking around with iconic ballpark treats, giveaways every inning, and free samples from the kitchen and bar.

Get Bombed with Bombers: 5 Yankee Bars You'll Love

The national past time is back! Cue: burgers, dogs, beers, baseball civil war in NYC, and a daily celebration for the very heart and soul of American athletics. For those of us in NYC, it’s quite simple really: Yankees or Mets? Naturally, the majority tends to sway towards the more champion-laden (and historically rich) squad: the Yanks.

With the weather warm, the games plentiful, and the season underway, the ultimate question then becomes: Where we watching the game? As the Yanks are a national treasure of sorts—and NYC royalty to boot—there is no shortage of venues broadcasting their daily efforts. Some of the more adventurous spots even cater to the die-hards by incorporating festive “game time” drink specials into the mix. With a plethora of options threatening to overwhelm one in a tide of rapturous baseball ecstasy, a list of the top Yankee Bars has been comprised—enjoy!

Derek Jeter's Sleazeballs

New York Yankee shortstop, Derek Jeter was blasted today not for his baseball skills, but for the sleazy parting gifts he gives his dates. Most sportsmen have been in the limelight for their "stunts." (Remember Brett Favre's penis shoot or Mark Sanchez's craddle-robbing gig?) It's finally Derek Jeter's turn (yes!!). Having always been a reportedly "bashful man," he prefers staying at home (meaning his Trump World Tower bachelor pad) and eating out at restaurants that aren't trendy (code for cheap and unmemorable). Having just split from long time girlfriend Minka Kelly, Jeter went back to his old habits of playing the field and playing the girls.

Inside the Mind of Bronx Bomber DJ Phresh
So you're from the Bronx. You must be a Yankee fan then?
Born and raised! And yes of course I am. It's a mandatory part of South Bronx & New York citizenship.
What's the best thing about spinning in NYC?
The people.
You started very young. What were your early DJ days like?
Hard. I started when I was 14. I spent most of the first year djing in my bedroom and getting together a decent record collection and better equipment. That's no easy task on NYC Summer Youth checks. After that I just started doing local parties and friends house parties and also pretty much getting my ass handed to me by a couple older djs in battles. At that point no one battled for money or awards it was for "pink slips" (dj gear), a kind of natural selection process I guess. So if you liked your stuff you learned not to lose and if you had equipment you HAD to be good. There also weren't nice banquets or great security staff at these parties, so if something went wrong you and your best 2-3 friends had to grab everything and go.
Ten Questions with Tepperberg

Amidst the whirlwind of his latest project, Dream Downtown, we were able to steal a few questions from owner, Noah Tepperberg. He and his partners at The Strategic Group have been the brains behind famous hotspots such as Marquee and Avenue in NYC as well as TAO and LAVO in Las Vegas. With the new unveiling of the acclaimed, Dream Downtown, they continue their reign on nightlife. After our interview with Noah last week, we wanted more --and so did everyone else! Without further ado, here's ten questions with Tepperberg.

Jay-Z and Eminem After Party at Santos Tonight

Jay-Z and Eminem will be performing at Yankee Stadium. But, don't feel like you have to go all the way up to the Bronx to make a vain attempt to get into the stadium. Santos Party House will be hosting an afterparty for both artists following the game. New York's hottest DJs will be spinning when the doors open at 11:00.

Cameron Diaz & A-Rod Still Dodging Rumors

Alleged couple Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez were spotted at the 40/40 Club in New York this past weekend celebrating A-Rod’s Yankees teammate CC Sabathia’s 30th birthday party. The two are dodging rumors that they are together, and even went so far as to not speak or touch each other the whole night. Attendees say that the two were looking at each other all night, but knew that all eyes were on them, so they didn’t talk. Cameron reportedly tore up the dance floor and spent time with the club owner, Jay-Z and wife, Beyonce. Just out yourselves already, Cam and A-Rod! We support that!

NY Yankees Legend George Steinbrenner Dies

New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died this morning after suffering a "massive" heart attack. He was 80 years old.

Steinbrenner retired from running the Yankees in 2006 leaving his sons Hank and Hal to run the team.

Since Steinbrenner took over the team in 1973, the Yankees took 7 World Series titles.

Steinbrenner was also famous for his "grooming policy", in which players and coaches are not allowed to sport hair past their collar, and the only acceptable facial hair is a mustache.

A rep for the Steinbrenner family said, "Funeral arrangements will be private. There will be an additional public service with details to be announced at a later date."

NY vs. Boston: Jay-Z vs. Big Papi

Coming up with lyrics for a new song was the last thing on Jay Z's mind on Thursday. He was quite occupied filing a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court against Boston Red Sox power hitter, David Ortiz.

Jay is accusing Ortiz of using the name, Forty-Forty, for a new club Ortiz opened in his home country, Dominican Republic. HOV (aka Jay-Z) currently owns sports clubs in New York, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas all named 40/40. From Jay Z's perspective, the names are too similiar, forcing a suit against Ortiz. HOV feels Ortiz is profiting off of his club's name and confusing it with his own establishments.

Mulligans On First

Mulligans pub, located in the traditional New York Yankees fan zone of Hoboken, N.J., has become a safe haven and second home to Phillies fans, especially during this 2009 World Series. While New York Yankee fans have the luxury of choosing between hundreds of Yankee-friendly bars in Jersey, Hoboken’s Mulligans is actually geared toward Phillies and Eagles fans.