East & West Delightfully Mixes and Matches Cultures and Cuisine

East & West, the newest dining addition to hit Yotel New York, is a blend of concepts that is not as overt as it is implicit, and not as gaudy as it is complimentary.

Located on the fourth floor of Yotel, an array of tastes and textures can be found on the deceptively explorative menu created by Executive Chef Bradley Day.

There are both shareable appetizers and large entrees which can be mixed and matched with ease. East & West offers cross-continental combinations, such asSwine Candy (spiced & candied smithfield bacon, $6) along with Bánh mì & Sweet Potato Fries (8-hour pork belly, spicy napa salad, pickled carrots, pâté & miso mayo, $15). The swine candy, both sharp and flavorful, was served over fried leeks in a stemless wine glass. The generous slabs of bacon were too stiff to be cut with a knife, so we turned to breaking them into manageable halves using my hands. We may have taken the "candy" part too literally, but, hey, one can never be disappointed when bacon lives up to its name.

Check Out the New 30 ft Long Interactive Lego Wall at Yotel!

The wall is also serving two purposes. While allowing guests to spark their own creativity, the wall is also hiding the construction as they build their new Club Lounge. Once the construction is over the Lego wall will come down and their Club Lounge will be revealed!

Make sure you head over to Yotel from now until March and get creative on their Lego wall. Who knows your creation could help you win big!

Media Flow

Zach Hyman's newest installation, "Media Flow" is bringing a splash of color and thought to YOTEL's Green Lounge this month. His colossal sculpture, which consists of over 3,000 colorful plastic balls, juts out from the white walls of the lounge, making it a piece to not be missed. Which goes hand in hand with the story behind it.

So why "Media Flow" you ask? We had the same question for Zach. After playing with these colorful plastic balls for a while, first photographing them, he concluded with the piece you see here. It is a visual interpretation of media, music, art, entertainment and information all in one. He tells us all this mass media is constantly being funneled through an increasingly narrow and limited channel at a rapid rate. Hence the old school phonograph used in the piece- the phonograph represent the start of the flow and the one, lingering black ball by it represents this limited channel. The explosion of colorful plastic balls at the end of the "flow" is a representation all the confusion and chaos that can be brought upon by this type of media exposure. Pretty deep message for what was once used as a child's toy.

Fashion Week Parties: Take Two

Fashion Week is not only the most fashionable week in NYC, but also the week with the hottest parties and soirees. The first half of last week brought some amazing parties, but the second half of the week was just as fun. Check out what went on the rest of the week below:

Callula Lillibelle: Designer Melanie Fraser Hart showcased her Fall 2013 Callula Lillibelle collection at Hudson Terrace on Valentine's Day. The inspiration behind her latest collection was 'Puzzle Pieces in Motion,' and her muse was actress Christy Scott Cashman, who attended the event in one of the designer's signature coat dresses. Models worked the room and ballerinas posed around the salon, while guests enjoyed the view and Vision Vodka cocktails. Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin performed her hit "Feel So Alive." Guests included Jean Shafiroff, Michelle Marie Heinemann, Leesa Rowland, Steve Stanulis, Kathleen Giordano, and many more.

Danilo Gabrielli Hosts Launch Party at Yotel

Up and coming designer Danilo Gabrielli hosted his launch party on March 15th at Yotel in celebration of his Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. Among the party goers were friends, editors, models, and journalists, all there to congratulate the talented designer. Two of his models were in attendance, showcasing his exquisite designs, inspired by 1940's Old Hollywood glam.

The event was sponsored by American Airlines, who was there raffling off free flights. DJ Phoecus provided beats while artists painted fashion portraits for guests. But the real highlight of the night was getting to chat it up with the man of the hour himself!

The Super Super Bowl Party Guide

Not everyone has $3k to drop on Superbowl tickets this year. So, where will you be going for the biggest sports day in America? If you still haven't made plans, have no fear, we've sifted through all the riff-raff and selected the best Super Bowl parties in NYC. Party on!

Bounce is a perfect upscale option for those looking for more than a grubby sports bar. Located in the Flat Iron district, this is no regular sports bar. With massive flat-screen TVs, an extensive beer and wine selection, classy furnishings, and an upscale crowd, this is a top pick for Super Bowl Sunday.