Stage 48 YOLO Party Celebrating Ciara

This Friday, Aug. 23, there will be a live appearance by Ciara at Stage 48 in Hell’s Kitchen celebrating her new album “Ciara."

The party, dubbed You Only Live Once, will have limited ticketing so get yours ASAP! Beginning at 10pm, this party rages until 4:30am playing your favorite Ciara hip-hop, pop, and R&B.


Julian Casablancas at the Trocadero

Nearing the end of his first tour sans The Strokes in support of his debut solo album "Phrazes for the Young," Julian Casablancas held his own at Philly's Trocadero on Sunday night. Filling the entire place practically up to the rafters, Casablancas managed to deliver an entertaining show and really illustrate first-hand how amazing his new album is.

After a high-energy set from Brooklyn-based electro duo Tanlines, and what seemed like an abnormally long wait, Casablancas' backing band took the stage close to 10 pm. With a set-up of two of each instrument on stage, and some musicians even doing double duty on additional instruments, the band began playing the first song, "Ludlow St," as soon as they hit the stage. As if for an extra dramatic entrance, Casablancas then took the stage to deafening cheers from the crowd. However, while the enthusiastic crowd was clearly excited to be there, Casablancas' initial feelings on the matter seemed debatable.