Cinco de Drinko: Boston Edition!
Brace yourself for the storm of sombreros & booze descending upon Boston on May 5th!


America being the multi-cultural melting pot of diversity and tolerance that it is, ensures that just about any international holiday is cause for celebration. Want to get wild and hit the bubbly for Bastille Day (July 14th)—done! Or perhaps, you prefer to get explicit and do some “ouzo-bombs” in honor of Greek Independence Day (March 25th). Whatever the occasion, America is the undisputed facilitator of revelry—especially in concerns to our dear neighbors in Mexico!

Though undoubtedly muddled in the memory banks of countless Americans, the actual history of Cinco de Mayo has taken a backseat to the margaritas, tequila, and salsa specials inherently associated with it. Though what better way to commemorate the unlikely Mexican victory over the French (circa 1862) than with some good old fashioned debauchery?

Any victory is cause for celebration, and thus, we cue the sombreros, Latin tunes, and overall misappropriation of Mexican culture! America’s homage to this victory has essentially culminated in a one-day booze spree of raucous proportions. With Cinco de Mayo falling on a Saturday this year, the day shall be inevitably more explicit; with weekend shenanigans consuming Boston in a veritable wave of Cinco de Madness!

Enter “Cinco de Drinko," which proposes to achieve new heights of ossification in honor of this illustrious holiday. This ambitious endeavor includes 6 venues, touts some delicious drink offerings, and somehow manages to incorporate the Kentucky Derby in the mix. The hoopla essentially breaks down into two different events:


•”Kentucky Derby Party”: The racing of horses is serious business for gambling addicts and PETA advocates alike; therefore, one can not ignore the “Kentucky Derby” (one third of the racing Triple Crown)! To commemorate the occasion, McFadden’s is hosting its own viewing party from 5pm-2am on May 5th—chock full of sexual booze, slathering horses, and diminutive jockeys! Coinciding with the ongoing madness of Cinco de Mayo, tix for this event go for $10 (for the individual event), or $15 (included in the All-Access Ticket).

•”Cinco de Drinko”: The Crown Jewel of the lot! This epic booze-crawl commences at 12 noon on May 5th, with registration occurring the Hard Rock Café Boston until 6pm. Touting righteous brew & hooch, an impressive array of 6 participating venues, and occurring all day (12pm-9pm), this booze-fueled sojourn is sure to impart the essentials of Cinco de Mayo: tequila, cerveza, and mayhem! Tix for the crawl start at $10, while the “All-Access Pass” (which includes both events) goes for $15.


Whether you intend to rage maniacal for one event, or plan to conquer both (via the All-Access Pass), the end result will undoubtedly include: various states of mass intoxication, a pervading stench of tequila, and a cornucopia of sombreros!

Check here for all the goods on the crawl, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to take a gander at my survival guide—guaranteed to see you through the tempest of hooch and mariachis!

Here’s a full list of the venues participating in the “Cinco de Drinko” Crawl.



 Hard Rock Cafe Boston

22-24 Clinton St


21 Merchant's Row

Battery Park

33 Batterymarch St

Side Bar and Grille

14 Bromfield St.

The Place

2 Broad St


148 State St