Cinco De Mayo: Bar Crawling in the City of Brotherly Love
Insights into Philadelphia's next bar crawl

Are you there? Are you in Philadelphia? Look around. Do you see pretzels? Cheese steaks? Before anything, get two of each, in each hand. Find a bench, and wallow in your surroundings. You’re in the birthplace of the United States of America, the City of Brotherly Love, go lick the Liberty Bell!

Philly bar crawls are high spirited adventures through a nearly pocket-sized city where cityscapes change at every corner and new options present themselves with every passing doorway. 

Prepping you and your crew for a city-wide spree requires some general planning, but fear not, we’ve assembled a detailed cheat sheet to look over before you jump on your fixed gears or pile in a cab.

Head over to the nearest thrift store and stock up on sombreros and maracas, because this Cinco De Mayo Drinko, Philadelphia has got a stunning line up of participating bars with excellent drink specials. From CenterCity, to Northern Liberties, and Old City, you’ll get a huge taste of one of the best cities for bar exploration. When registering with this bar crawl, you'll


In the hip neighborhood of Northern Liberties, you’ll swing by McFadden’s, a cheap location that's been sandwiched in this neighborhood for about ten years. Then mosey on over to Liberties, a American tavern style restaurant with a beautiful Victorian bar. The quaint section of the city is home to numerous boutiques, bars, restaurants and parks, so take in the air as you make your way past the art galleries and small concert venues. 


Moving down a bit south is Old City. Right on the beautiful Chestnut Street is Mad River Bar and Grille, a sports bar fit for your wandering pals. Here, you’ll take in Philadelphia most popular nightlife neighborhoods and home to the city’s First Friday events, which coincidentally is the night before, just to let all those Weekend Warriors out there know.  


Center City is the heart of Philadelphia. Home to businesses, schools, shops, and two more bars exclusively available to you and your fellow bar crawlers. Right next to City Hall is the underground Tavern on Broad. Don’t hit your head on your way down, and make sure you peek at their fantastic food menu so you can keep your drinking going for the rest of the day. Your other destination is Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar, a diverse crowd that really highlights the friendly Philadelphia bar scene.