Saving Sound Quality

We see you’re using a Walkman. We’re thinking you either dropped your iPod in the toilet or you are taking the retro trend way too seriously. Oh, what’s that? We can’t hear you.

Ah, you want to hear the song the way it was originally intended?

We understand.

And so does Craig “Shorty” Bernabeu, audio engineer of Systems by Shorty (SBS), and creator of the trademarked SBS Slammer, which was rated Top Sound System in NYC by Timeout NY magazine. Although the Slamme
r’s home, System Dance Club in Long Island City, has only been open for 12 weeks, SBS Slammer™ received rave reviews from DJs on Facebook and Twitter, as well as gained the attention of music lovers across the city.

Success. Here. Now

Don't lie. It hurts to be at work today. It hurts to celebrate your independence, we know.

Particularly if you danced all weekend at Governor's Island for the Dance.Here.Now.

So here's to the weekend party. Grab some of the hair of the dog that bit you. (That never hurts, especially at lunch time.)

If you feel good today, here's to what you missed.

Friday night premiered "the tent," a construction that domed over the concrete, much like a smaller version of last weekend's tent at Vegas's Motor Speedway for Electric Daisy Carnival. The black interior provided the perfect surface for AG's lights to do their magic, flashing and blaring the crowd as though they were in a kaleidoscope. The lights also reflected off a giant, hollow octagon stationed between the DJ and visual screen, creating a unique cage-like effect. And, while very few party-goers wore red, white and blue, there was no shortage of glow-in-the dark orange painted onto hands that pumped 150 beats per minute into the air.

Fourth of July Jams

You are more than capable of cramming the two-month British "holiday" into 72 hours because you bear arms and contribute to the greater good (better known global warming and national debt.) In a time where the Motherland is the main birther of DJs, let’s take a moment to remember the American-made artists who fuel your weekends and give you something more important to spend your hard-earned paycheck on than cheeseburgers-- memories made by music.

From hard tech-house to deep soulful, below are some of the best tracks to get you going this July 4th:

Get Familiar: Up and Coming NYC DJs

Influenced by many DJs, Michael Anthony also cites producers Roger Sanchez (from way back), Basement Jaxx, The Advent, Samuel L. Session and Dennis Ferrer. In case you couldn’t tell, his sound is “very hard, in your face.” Creating tracks with “seamless rhythms which accumulate psychotic amounts of energy over time as to have the power to detonate a small vehicle” has paid off; Michael Anthony’s productions have been played by big-room DJs like Boris and Danny Tenaglia. Such recognition is the ultimate high, “otherwise this would just be some kind of nomadic hobby,” he explains. “It keeps the drive alive.”

Michael Anthony’s raw attitude conveys the best bass element you can hear: heart. He clarifies his moniker, "The Unknown Artist," by returning to his beginning metaphor: "If one wants to be recognized and not stuck among the mass herds of sheep, they need quick escapes throughout the pastures, maybe a bush hidden as a trap door to get you to where the new feed was just placed."

House Hero David Morales Returns

Maybe you tried to make your relationship work into the summer. Maybe you were smart and knew that with the heat would come scantily clad possibilites. Either way, you need to let out your heartbreak with a song and dance and we have just guy to help you.

Meet: David Morales.

Oh, you don't know him?

One of the original superstar DJs, David Morales provided the foundation for the dance music industry. In 1998, Morales won a Grammy for Remixer of the Year, and since then he has not only continued to produce hit records and radio shows, but he also co-owns DefMix management and the famous Montreal nightclub Stereo.

Harlem Gets Some House

This Thursday, June 30th, venture to Alto Casa, a new deep house party at the The Hudson River Cafe. With an indoor dance floor and an outdoor patio, you can groove to the sounds of Filsonik (Objeckivity), Rubi Ri-Tres, Derek Sampson, and Dan Scala in a gorgeous venue that gazes onto the Hudson River. Plush couches line the walls of the outside lounge, where two main bars will mix up mojitos, margaritas and a slew of signature cocktails classy enough for you to feel like you’re in SoHo --they even have Hendricks!

Inside, pristine white walls tailor the upscale effect; a floating staircase (watch your step!) leads to a mezzanine level where you can overlook the magic happening on the dance floor. Latin Soul cuisine will be available until 11:30 pm, and hookah will be available throughout the entire night.

You Got Me: Interview with DJ Oscar G

You know the feeling. You’ve just left the club and the sun’s blaring down on you. You’re happy you forgot your watch and remembered your sunglasses. You’re not sure what you want to do first: eat or sleep, or attempt both at the same time. What happened last night? (Or, rather, this morning?) Vague memories shaped by strobe lights and smoke give an answer: you were a slave to the dark beat.

At Last

Acne. Bad breath. Greasy hair. Glasses. All reasons for being uncool in high school.

Listening to house music and rubbing shoulders with a prickly naked dude in the 7 am "Sea of Men" at Victor Calderone? Cool. Even you, Straight Guy, loved it, but definitely remembered to bring five girl friends with you next time and stay back by the bar.

So now, if you listen to house music you probably don't have to eat your lunch in the bathroom stall. An increasingly egalitarian society will actually embrace you for letting your freak flag fly and you can go sit at the cool kids table. . . if you want, the stall sounds more fun anyway, at least until someone decides to reopen The Roxy.

America's Best DJ

Good old American competition. It's why you had to spend $15,000 for two bottles of Moet at Wet Republic and post your receipt on Facebook. It's why you had to accept $40,000 for a job that required an MBA and still take your friends out to dinner. It's why American Idol has consumed your DVR space for the past five years.

If only it were as easy as when you could just put icey hot in Johnny's speedo.

Not to be confused with your crazy nightclub antics, America's Best DJ is strictly about what goes on behind the decks to create that music that causes you to forget it all and regress into a primal being.