Looking for Some Unique and Cheap Eatz?

Hubba hubba. Cute? Check. Successful? Check. Smart? Check. Able to cook? Check. Single? Hope so.

Okay, so this blog is not all about super hottie Chef Sosa (but damn, who isn't weak in the knees for men who can cook?) it's actually about something bigger and more important...the love for food.

Well, this man, Angelo Sosa, restauranteur/chef and Top Chef runner-up, is the brainz behind the kitchenwork at the rave-reviewed restaurant, Social Eatz.

The eclectic menu can be described as "mouthwatering", "like a drug", and "orgasmic." After hearing these bizarre yet curiosity-inducing reviews, we decided to check the place out. (Plus, we're complete foodies--bad characteristic for beach body season!) The restaurant was modern, well-furnished, had a mixed crowd, very busy but-not-overwhelmingly-loud-where-you-can't-even-hear-the-person-next-to-you, had a friendly staff and most importantly, had a well-stocked bar. We decided to order the most rave-reviewed menu item: the bibimbap burger.

Fanny Packs: A Blast from the Past

"Fanny pack."

Just saying it, reading it, seeing it, thinking about it used to make us cringe. Complete tourist territory. Well, the term, "fanny pack", has unfortunately built up a negative reputation with the stigmatization of an obnoxious tourist's bag...you know, the guy or girl who wears tropical shirts with a camera around his/her neck, a huge visor with big black sunglasses and without a doubt, the essential fanny pack tied around his/her waist.

Thankfully, there is a 2011-appropriate coined term: the belt purse. (Hallelujah!)

We all saw Carrie Bradshaw wearing it in Sex and the City. She just makes everything look so damn good. Not to mention, she's totally killing that crop top! (another look out for summer `11 must-haves, which also means must-work-out)