Insider's Guide: NYC Myths
Are they real or sensationalized by the media?

New York City is full of urban legends, and in a city so large it's to be expected.  What have you heard? What are the dark secrets which linger in the shadows in the back alleys of The Apple?  Come in a few days early before New Year's Eve and check out the truth behind the myth!  Here's our top three:

1.  Up on the rooftop at the Empire State Building, there have been a whirlwind of legends and myths. Ever heard the story of committing murder by tossing a penny from the top floor to land in the skull of a person standing down on 5th Avenue?  I'm sure you have.  Well, it's all false.  Because of the architecture of the Empire State Building, the building itself creates an updraft and the money usually ends up being blown back up to the 86th floor observation deck.  So, don't worry about penny's falling down from the sky as you walk up 5th.

2.  In Gotham City, there are plenty of ghost stories.  But the best, we believe is the one of Sid Vicious haunting the Chelsea Hotel on 23rd Street.  In 1978, Sex Pistols headliner Sid Vicious's girlfriend Nancy Spugen was found dead inside their room in the historic, and very haunted, hotel.  Sid died of a heroin overdose not long after and some guests say they still hear the strung out musician moving around the hotel. We think it's just the noise from the street below, but feel free to decide for yourself.

3.  They say there are bodies buried in the base of the George Washington Bridge.  Who could be entombed there?  If anyone, it's Jimmy Hoffa, but my guess is that the only thing buried in the base of the bridge are a few stray mice and that's about it.

What urban legends have you heard about NYC?  Let us know and maybe we will add them to our list.