A Look Forward to 2011 Tech
2011 looks to be a big year for games, gadgets and gizmos

 In an age where our phones are smarter than most Americans and our TVs cost more than three Caribbean cruises, people are always on the lookout for that next new bit of technology that is going to make their lives easier and more cutting edge. The last three years have been monumental for technological ingenuity as new phones, videogames and computers were unleashed upon the world. Decades ago a computer could barely fit inside of a warehouse and needed to be cooled off by industrial air conditioners. Now computers are the size of a person's palm and can connect you with someone three continents away in the blink of an eye.  

And while 2010 was a big year for tech, 2011 looks primed to blow it away. Here are some items to keep an eye on:

The BlackBerry Playbook:

This is BlackBerry's answer to the iPad. While a couple of years ago people were entranced with the notion of the BlackBerry, Apple has recently pulled ahead in terms of innovation. However, with the release of the BlackBerry Playbook, RIM (BlackBerry's publisher) is looking to take hold of the touchscreen market in a big way.

The Nintendo 3DS:

Nintendo has always been on the cutting edge of both videogame publishing and the advancement of gaming technology. Whether it was the joystick-centered Nintendo 64, the motion controlled madness of the Nintendo Wii or the handheld wonderment of the Gameboy, Nintendo has always focused on making their product standout from the rest of the gaming world And with the March 2011 release of the Nintendo 3DS things should be no different. Featuring a 3D technology that doesn't require goofy, multi-colored glasses, the 3DS looks to take gaming to a whole new level. Of course doctors say the 3D might also make you go blind.

The PSP Phone:

Not to be outdone by Nintendo, Sony is set to release the highly anticipated, and ever-so-mysterious, PSP Phone onto a public obsessed with gaming. Combining all of the bells and whistles that go along with the iPhone, along with the addition of a button interface for easier gaming, Sony seems to have a product that might revolutionize the world of handheld devices.