The Firebird X
Gibson’s Robo-Guitar goes Pure-Analog

The Firebird X, said to be Gibson’s stake in revolutionizing the guitar industry and changing the future of instruments, is part guitar and part machine. A homage to the original Firebird, the X has new features such as automatic robotic tuning head, inner modulation, echo, reverb, compression, EQ, and distortion. The guitar even boasts Bluetooth capability.


While guitar aficionados may find the features completely unnecessary and the price tag of $5,500 a bit bloated, some interesting news trickled down the tubes today that may save grace for Gibson.  They’ve recently announced the Pure-Analog Engine, an electronic system within the guitar that is user replaceable and can be upgraded according to the wants and desires of the player. The best part of this change is that Gibson has opened up creation of the devices to third party developers, a move which will rapidly lower the price tag for these items over the course of time. Pure-Analog will get its own app. store as well.


The changes seem interesting enough, as Gibson is opening the doors of possibility to those who wish to toy with and innovate the technology they’ve created. Each guitar at different price points, firmware updates and upgrades will keep one’s instrument on the cutting edge, oftentimes for free.


Possibilities, as they say, seem endless. Many are already hoping someone will make a version of the guitars compatible with gaming consoles, dreaming already of a Rock Band 4 with a real guitar feel within the set. The Firebird X also comes with a powerful editor which allows users to create patches and do sound design in their homes or professional studios, making developers not the only ones capable of working very creatively with the device. Gibson hopes that alone with this feature, many more will be included in the software pack.

It will be interesting to see what Gibson brings us as prices drop and new technology springs forth for their guitars. To see more, visit Gibson's site.